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  1. I know someone at the label and it's definitely coming, but no details yet.
  2. I don't get the hate for Out Of The Cradle. I love it. ENDLESSLY ROCKAING!! Anagram however, should be #165. There is no other Rush song that rubs me as wrong as that one.
  3. Rejoice! CREED OFFICIALLY REUNITES https://metaladdicts.com/creed-officially-reunites/?fbclid=IwAR2o0GCC8o4pjy8_U2zaqb-TQPdnK0xUWKTRRkERT13Qu64X-DJwImlUpAs
  4. seriously? I thought there would be at least a regular CD version just for completists.
  5. im interested in that Richard Chycki remix but looks like it only 5.1. There should have been a stereo version as well.
  6. 10/1/77: AFTK tour with UFO opening at the Santa Monica Civic. I think I spent $10.00 for an 8th row seat. It was pretty mindblowing for a 15 year old. Never missed a tour since.
  7. Was there last night. So great to see the boys onstage again. It was an epic 6 hour show.
  8. RIP to the beautiful singer of the other Xanadu
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