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  1. Eddie Vedder gave a shout out to drummers we lost over the last few years, Taylor Hawkins, Charlie Watts and Neil
  2. Had some laughs and good 60s pop culture throwbacks, but overall kind of dumb.
  3. not neccessarily in this order: Hole in the Sky Thrill of it All Symptom Of The Universe Into the Void Children of the Grave Fairies Wear Boots War Pigs Hand Of Doom Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Killing Yourself to Live Also if you've never seen the Black Sabbath show cartoon, this is a must watch
  4. Diary is great but Fair Warning all day. It's my favorite VH album for sure.
  5. Definitely signing up for this. I have all the Steven Wilson remixes. Even the underrated "A" :)
  6. He is really is. That would be awesome if you could land a Geddy interview.
  7. He has been interviewing some really good guests. Had Billy Joel on last week, also recently Metallica, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen etc... Some woman called after that segment and asked if he would have Geddy on the show for an interview and he said absolutely. We shall see.
  8. Howard Stern is known for not being a Rush fan, but yesterday he was talking about how he decided to give Geddy's book a try and much to his surprise, fell in love with Geddy and thinks the book is a home run. I recorded it for you all :)
  9. Just finished chapter 4. Chapter 3 was a tough read. I'm enjoying it though.
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