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  1. Was there last night. So great to see the boys onstage again. It was an epic 6 hour show.
  2. That movie is a guilty pleasure.
  3. RIP to the beautiful singer of the other Xanadu
  4. His work on Relayer is brilliant.
  5. Passed away today. RIP :( Alan White, our beloved husband, dad, and grandpa, passed away at the age of 72 at his Seattle-area home on May 26, 2022, after a brief illness. Throughout his life and six-decade career, Alan was many things to many people: a certified rock star to fans around the world; band mate to a select few, and gentleman and friend to all who met him. Alan was born in Pelton, County Durham, England on June 14, 1949. He began piano lessons at the age of six, began playing the drums at age twelve, and has been performing publicly since the age of thirteen. Throughout the 1960s, Alan honed his craft with a variety of bands, including The Downbeats, The Gamblers, Billy Fury, Alan Price Big Band, Bell and Arc, Terry Reid, Happy Magazine (later called Griffin), and Balls with Trevor Burton (The Move) and Denny Laine (Wings). In 1968, Alan joined Ginger Baker’s Airforce, a new group that was put together by the former drummer of Cream and other noted musicians from England’s music scene including Steve Winwood, formerly of Traffic. In 1969, Alan received what he thought at the time to be a prank phone call, but it was John Lennon calling to ask Alan to join the Plastic Ono Band. The next day Alan found himself learning songs in the back of an airliner headed to Toronto with Lennon, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, and Klaus Voormann. The ensuing album, Live Peace in Toronto, sold millions of copies, peaking at number 10 on the charts. Alan’s association with Lennon continued, recording singles like ‘Instant Karma’ and the subsequent landmark album, Imagine, with Alan providing drums for the title song, ‘Jealous Guy’, and ‘How Do You Sleep at Night’. Alan’s work with Lennon led to an introduction to George Harrison, who asked Alan to perform on the album All Things Must Pass, including the single, ‘My Sweet Lord’, released in 1970. Alan subsequently worked with many artists for the Apple label, including Billy Preston, Rosetta Hightower, and Doris Troy. Alan joined YES on July 27, 1972, and with only three days to learn the music, YES opened their US tour before 15,000 fans in Dallas, Texas on July 30, 1972. Alan has been with YES ever since, and with the passing of founding member, Chris Squire, in June 2015, Alan is the longest continuously serving band member. Alan is preceded in death by his parents, Raymond and May White (née Thrower), his sister-in-law, Mindi Hall, and many loyal furry companions. He is survived by his wife of forty years (May 15, 1982) Rogena “Gigi” (née Walberg), his children, Jesse (Emily), their two children JJ and Ellie, and Cassi (Kela), and sister-in-law Andrea Holmqvist (Robert). Gigi, Jesse, and Cassi Seattle, WA
  6. Belated Thanks Rush family! Spent the week in Hawaii so turning 60 didn't suck too bad
  7. The wife and I are digging the vibe. I wish Alex was featured a little more.
  8. So very sorry to hear about this. RIP
  9. then the video wasn’t aimed at you… just my opinion. No need to get defensive.
  10. Xanadu is my favorite but I was a little bored with Rick's breakdown "listen to this guitar part" "listen to these drum fills" etc... I already know the song like the back of my hand :)
  11. 10/1/77 Rush and UFO. never missed a tour after that.
  12. :) This carnivorous plant is called Nepenthes Holdanii and grows west of Cambodia, about 600-800 feet above sea level. They use passive trap to catch bugs. The top edge of the plant, known as Peristomo, separates the nectar that attracts bugs into his death trap.
  13. Just some British youngster who can play the drums as well as many professional drummers and was even invited to play a song with the Foo Fighters at a Los Angeles concert. She also plays bass and guitar. You should check her out on Youtube. Nandi Bushell. And she's clearly having a ton of fun while doing it. Doesn't get better than that. Imagine what she could do with more drums and cymbals! She rocked it. My only criticism is too much double kick during the outro :) She showed up at the Foo Fighters show in LA last year and played the encore. It was cool.
  14. I dig the vibe but doesn't showcase Alex. I expected at least some moody guitar lead.
  15. much better than I had heard
  16. On the last day of 2021 and 18 days before her 100th Bday :( RIP :rose: https://www.tmz.com/2021/12/31/betty-white-dead-dies-golden-girls/?adid=social-twa
  17. aw man RIP. and then there was one :(
  18. Here's to 16 more years of you calling me a prick :cheers:
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