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    The surprise R40 triple-threat of Jacob's Ladder, Hemispheres Prelude, and Xanadu.
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  1. For all its positives, California is ground zero for piece-of-shit-NIMBYism It's slowly changing, partially through the force of state legislature, but not fast enough.
  2. Where does Goose live anyway? Like specifically which barren corner of Nevada?
  3. If JR puts me in his will, I'll honor his smoke-filled legacy and buy a new Z4
  4. Baller ass 100 mile multiple canyon loop drive tonight with all the homies and a great chicken finger dinner from the best local place and the newest homie is bringing his 2023 BRZ and we're gonna swap for a while I've never driven any 86/BRZ, and now I get to drive the best one
  5. It's absurdly easy to successfully propagate entirely fake news on social media now
  6. If your parents are NIMBYs who vote against any form of increased housing supply to protect their own house value, screwing you out of the possibility of reasonable housing prices or ever owning a residence of your own, you're morally justified should you choose to return the favor and not lift a finger for them in their golden years. Don't f**k over your children and expect zero consequences.
  7. I'm in my 30's and I can and do play classic video games, hoon in a sports car, and bang on the same day.
  8. You missed out on a lot of greats. Could at least play basics like Super Mario Bros. (1985)
  9. Super Mario 64 was one hell of a game for the time
  10. Why are unmarked police vehicles legal in this country?
  11. *checks California High Speed Rail and Brightline West progress
  12. Two Presto self-titled-track lyrics in one SOCN post.
  13. It was because John Frusciante is a bitch
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