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  1. Gotta respect the conservative grift. They do have some deep pockets sometimes, and they're happy to throw their dollars at anyone fighting The Woke. It's like how Tim Pool or Donald Trump used to be Democrat and then noticed there was more sucker money to squeeze with the rootin' and indeed tootin' county fair crowd.
  2. I'd go. One last ride in any capacity would be nice. Sure my 4 concerts were great, but that doesn't mean I'm too good for a 5th. If that's what would make them happy, I'm all too happy to financially oblige.
  3. Nerve pain, muscle pain, or cardiovascular pain? Maybe all three?
  4. Memes: Too Hot For SOCN "Just struggling with the basics, the necessities these days"
  5. I forgot that you made a comment in my direction. Sorry, things are properly bad right now, and I'm not thinking straight.
  6. Very well put. Obese vehicles are a national f***ing epidemic of mental illness. The only reason I bought a midsize 4Runner was that nothing meeting the hyper reliable offroader criteria offered brand new was any smaller. I literally go around just trying to make minor improvements when I dole out advice. I know I can't talk people out of SUVs or trucks... but I can at least talk them into a smaller SUV/truck half the time. F-150? Nah dude, you want a Tacoma/Ranger. Grand Cherokee? What are you, gay? Buy a Forester or something, you don't actually go offroad and you're empty-nesters.
  7. hey it had been two whole years since my genetic disease f***ed my life up
  8. Just finished. I enjoyed the read, the new insights and history learned all over the pages. The holocaust chapter was very interesting. Can't help but think of Neil as the book wrapped up, of course. I used to pull up his website every week, hoping a new story had dropped. And after roughly May 2016, they just stopped. If Geddy wants to perform a little more before his time is up, in any capacity, I hope he wills it into existence.
  9. Johnny Raaj really rolls off the tongue, I hope you like it, I think it's sticking
  10. Right on. I’ve got a 19-20 year old HVAC system. I intend on replacing it with a heat pump once it dies.
  11. To expand on this, if we haven't talked about it already, heat pumps do not "create heat" like combusting a fossil fuel does; they "move" heat energy in the ambient air. Cold air outside is still above absolute zero, it still has less-dense heat energy, and a heat pump captures that energy and moves it to where you want, such as inside your car (or home). They are quite literally the same refrigerant cycle as an air conditioner, but functioning in reverse. They can and do also function as air conditioners, at least for home heating/cooling units. You can replace a furnace and A/C unit with just a heat pump for residential applications. Heat pumps are awesome as f**k. Depending on temperature, they are 300-600% efficient. Yes, over 100%. i.e., for every kW of energy they consume, they move 3-6kW of heat energy to the desired place. 95% efficient natural gas furnaces don't have shit on heat pumps. Everyone I've met that daily drives an EV in cold weather climates LOVES it, because they can just bong their phone to start the heater 2min before they get in the car, or even if they don't do that, it's blowing hot nearly instantly.
  12. Cybertruck = wack Lighter than the other EV trucks though, so that's something. 6,600 - 6,800 lbs is still too much though.
  13. They provide near-instant heat. Running a heat pump immediately on startup is much faster heat than waiting for a combustion engine to get so hot that it heats coolant, and then siphoning heat off the coolant. Pretty much any EV allows you to hop on your phone 5-10 minutes before you set off and turn on the heat pump or A/C, the heated/cooled seats, whatever. It's like remote start on a car minus needing to start anything. My 4Runner is very dated by comparison. Damned thing is so mechanically ancient it's trying to cool itself down, while already ice cold, when you start it on a winter day. Doesn't matter what the conditions are, the cooling fan is running in that thing.
  14. Geddy has brought up Gordon Lightfoot at least four times
  15. Blood pressure is consistently high and I've been feeling my veins throbbing an alarming amount the past six weeks We'll see what those stupid woke doctors say, what do they know anyway?!?
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