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  1. a lot of my family will day drink, and pretty heavily at that lol
  2. if you ever want a little challenge, try to name 10 bands you like better than The Call
  3. best version of Sleepless on that one, i love listening to their 80's stuff the most often even though i would consider their 90's work my favorite
  4. chilling out and jamming out to The Call
  5. obviously go for this, and be on the lookout for more temp office/WFH jobs. graveyard shift janitorial work on top of another regular labor job will burn you out, try to make a shift to an office if that's what you like. plus a temp job always has the possibility of becoming full-time work with luck
  6. The Call is maybe the most underrated new wave group of all time
  7. this is my favorite song of all-time, and i'm glad i could help you track it down
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