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  1. you should really check out his hit song "Man Down" https://darrenlock.bandcamp.com/track/man-down-2
  2. lmao yes, do you know what he's talking about with the "lifted from In Absentia" claim? i checked out his music (you dont need to use a download code he provides, just go to his bandcamp) and it was really bad. but i agreed with some of his points, he's just way too brutal on it. I like the album but would consider it a weaker PT album, and it could have been SW solo had I not known any better.
  3. have to say again that i really miss the guitar on this album. i don't think there are even any solos, which steven's usually pretty good at coming up with. a lot of the album has this general feeling of "empty space". I'd agree that if not feeling so much like a Steven solo record, I'd consider it a combination of "old and new" PT, it's like Maitland era only with Gavin. my favorite songs remain the same only now with Dignity added in. It reminds me of Deform to Form a star for some reason, I guess just in the way it makes me feel, but someone in a review said the melody was directly lifted from In Absentia... but he didn't say where... maybe one of you guys might know, or i'll just figure it out myself the next time i listen through In Absentia. I could do individual analysis of each song a bit more, but I won't waste anyone's time with that.
  4. I was close. I'd put Closure/Continuation below Signify but above Sky Moves Sideways. Probably in the 3/5 section instead of 4/5
  5. finally.. i'm excited for it. they took so long because they said they want their long awaited (presumably final?) album to be as good as Dogman & Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, while still being its own album of course. I don't know if they'll be able to pull that off, but I hope they do. This track is nice, but it's missing the three-point vocal harmonies of theirs which makes them stand-out more than anything, so I hope we see that on a good amount of the other songs. as far as I'm concerned King's X has never really made a bad album, their worst work is still pretty good (Black Like Sunday gets a pass for being a compilation album of re-recorded old songs, all from before they were officially King's X), so I'm sure this album will be no different. the problem with their last album, XV, is that more than any of their albums before it felt 'divided', Ty and Dug putting their own work onto the album without much input or overlap from the other band members. It looks like they're going to be more collaborative again on this one. I expect it to be my AOTY, probably.. that is unless The Mars Volta end up putting on out this year, then it's up in the air.
  6. "Hey Steven, loved the new record. The bass playing on it was especially amazing. Who'd you have guesting to play all that, Geddy Lee?" Steven Wilson blushes "Haha, oh, aah no.. That was all me, yeah? Thank you though!"
  7. "And now finally, with Colin out the way, it's time to have the bass be a more prominent instrument within Porcupine Tree's compositions" -Steven Wilson
  8. I've only listened to it once so far but I like it about as much as I expected to, not as good as the peaks with In Absentia or Fear of a Blank Planet, but still very good. The only song I don't really like is Walk The Plank. My Favorites are Rats Race, Chimera's Wreck, and Never Have. The bonus tracks feel necessary to the full album. Also despite Gavin and Richard's contributions, for the most part the album reminds me of Grace For Drowning or The Raven That Refused to Sing more than anything PT. I guess that's expected since Steven's always been the primary songwriter, and this is just how his creative direction has changed over time. He's definitely divorced from guitar.
  9. He disappeared in the early haze of morning And with him left his prophecies, they didn't care All the years that passed away he's locked inside my head His tales became reality the prophecies he said He was the chosen one to see His words will burn eternally It hurts, that no one understands
  10. animal secretions, toxic poisonous liquid, cancer inducing appliances, and war mongering buoyant machinery...
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