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  1. During the R40 tour he seriously flubbed the drum break in Natural Science in a couple of shows. They are really hard to watch.
  2. More of an omission than an obvious mistake, but during Cygnus he doesnt play a snare fill at about the 8:11 mark.
  3. Neil forgot to add his post script........ And unlike me, he played til the end.
  4. Different Strings is one of my overall favorites. Contains a great outro solo by Alex, and probably Neil's best ever snare sound.
  5. His voice is adequate on CA, but the vocal melodies are horrendous on some songs.
  6. This Neil won't bring it up for obvious reasons but I believe his family past is the number one reason he is done. The guilt inside him for missing a lot of Selena's youth while on tour or out galavanting around the country must have an impact on his decisions now as he has another young child to take care of. Yes, I've always thought that he was hit extra hard with guilt. Even when he wasn't touring, he was always off somewhere, it seems.
  7. I like both of their respective clean tones from that period, just not together. I think the signature tone would go great with a heavier bass sound, or the other way around. Since VT, both have been a muddy mess.
  8. Halo Effect sounds like a Nickelback song.
  9. Fantastic song. Many disagree, due to the guitar mix, but I love the production and mix on this, and the whole album, really. Sounds big, full, expansive, and just damn satisfying to listen to. Haha
  10. Test For Echo for me. I think it's really underrated.
  11. I'm curious as to the reason why so many hate Spindrift. I think the "closer to you" part is one of the best things they've ever done.
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