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  1. Crane Point Lodge - The Good Listeners ------ (Must check these guys out!!) Blind - The Sundays Balance - Van Halen Plains - George Winston (very relaxing!) Very versatile day of listening, but I enjoyed it thoroughly
  2. Why all the Anagram hate D: the lyrics are quite good and Neil has some tasty fills all throughout!
  3. Post yours! Curious to see what shows up here...
  4. I would say the '89 to '90 transition or late 80's
  5. Hemispheres was recorded in the UK actually. Still a great album!
  6. Hey man, good idea! Nothing bad came out of there to be honest Yeah. If I could time travel, I would go to all the recording sessions for all the albums and maybe figure out what bass Geddy used on Limelight. He used his Jazz Bass! Have you seen the music video? It was recorded in Le Studio!
  7. Hey man, good idea! Nothing bad came out of there to be honest
  8. Favorite LeStudio Rush album for content - Moving Pictures Favorite LeStudio Rush album for sound - Counterparts The Police recorded parts of "Synchronicity" and the song "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" at LeStudio. I think we can all agree that Counterparts is one of (if not) the best sounding Rush album ever. Crystal clear sound plus perfect mixing.
  9. Despite the recent tragedy that destroyed about 2/3's of the complex, this will be a fun topic. Which Le Studio record was your favorite? This could be from Rush or any other artist that recorded there. My favorite is Presto. Love the ambient textures in the album, Rush had some great ideas at the time. May Le Studio's far side rest in peace...
  10. I completely agree I restore classic cars for a living, and I have a bit of an obsession with preserving historic sites - so this is inexcusable to me .. I'm sure some the musicians who recorded at Le Studio were aware - does it not hold any importance ?? It doesn't even have to be sentimental - for f**k's sake, there are young bands that could have recorded there in the years to come .. Imagine the money that could have been raised if some of the well known musicians went there for a day and made it look like they were volunteering to restore it .. Very sad ... Pathetic effort on the part of a bunch of candy ass musicians . . What if they didn't know? Can they be blamed if so? If I weren't a TRFer I wouldn't have known. If none of us made any effort to try and save it then how can we blame anyone else (who KNEW of its condition) for not doing anything either? There is a clip of Neil walking around the abandoned studio talking about it - I forget which documentary This just hits a sore spot with me Ah ok. And how about the rest of the music world? Maybe it's not as important to Neil as it is to fans? Neil even mentioned that it is his dream property. He truly did love the property
  11. My copy of Presto on the 24k Gold CD had a line missing in the song ¨War Paint¨. Great song by the way, but the line before the guitar solo kicks in ¨Paint it Black¨ was not there. Very weird to listen to because you mostly just hear the Wal Bass, which are great by the way. I wish Ged would have at least pulled out one of his Wals for something of the late 90s to 00s era. I later bought another copy of the SACD, and that problem was gone! I was in shock! Not sure what the deal was there but it was definitely interesting.
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