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  1. My favorite era of his voice is the '70s, and i'd say 2112 and A Farewell to Kings are his best vocal albums. I think his high range was at his best there, and he has the lion's share of his best performances ("2112", "Something for Nothing", "Cygnus X-1", "A Farewell to Kings", "Xanadu") and was capable of singing high with a grittier and cleaner tone just as well (especially on the latter). I'd say his best post-peak album was Power Windows. His mid-range tone during that period had become richer and warmer, and he had built back his high range somewhat after damaging it during the Tour of the Hemispheres, hitting impressive higher notes on songs like "The Big Money", "Grand Designs", and "Mystic Rhythms".
  2. I'm surprised to hear all the people saying they couldn't hear his vocals at all. I heard him very clearly in the second chorus. This is especially noteworthy because this is Geddy's first musical appearance (if i'm not mistaken) since the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction for Yes.
  3. This still feels so surreal. Rush were pretty much the soundtrack to my life for a year or two (I think there was a span they were virtually all I listened to), and though I eventually didn't listen to them as much, I never fell out of love with them and they are still the band I love more than any other, and one I probably know more information and trivia about than any other. And now, the person who wrote most of their lyrics and laid down the rhythms for most of their songs that i've listened to ad infinitum, a person without which Rush wouldn't have been the same and a major influence to many, is gone. It's not right.
  4. "In a world where I feel so small, I can't stop thinking big" (Caravan) is one that comes to mind.
  5. This comes as a total shock. I had no idea he was that ill. I had known he had had health issues that forced him to retire from music but I didn't know they were that bad- they had never announced he had cancer or anything. He was an excellent drummer, a great lyricist (except for his Ayn Rand stuff) and a real driving force behind Rush. It sucks that he had to die so soon (67 isn't really young but not really that old).
  6. Massive bump, but I used to mishear: "Battle flags are flown at the feet of a god unknown" from "Armor in Sword" as "Battle flags are flown at the feet of a garden gnome" I actually like the misheard line better.
  7. Got the book yesterday. It's excellent! Sure it's just a book of gig listings but just like Na na na said that's exactly what I want. I've only got up to the Rush Tour section but i've already found out a lot of stuff I didn't know.
  8. Without giving any exact spoilers- How much NEW information is in the book? previously unknown gigs, setlist info, opening acts, cancellations, etc. Once again, don't give any exact details- I want to be surprised when I do get the book.
  9. I love the vocal harmonies here. Give off a very cool/creepy sound:
  10. Very late reply but I don't think it did. He had a cold during the February 1978 dates which affected his vocals, which is why the London 1978 live album was shelved for so long. He sounds excellent on the Montreal 1978 show (3/31/1978, erroneously listed as 12/12/1977 but they played in Atlanta that night):
  11. I don't think Rush ever made a bad album, just ones that stick out as relative weak points. With that in mind, I think Roll the Bones might be their weakest. It has 2 of the very few Rush songs I don't like ("Face Up" and "Heresy"- the latter is my pick for the worst song they ever did). But even that has some really great songs, like "Dreamline", "Bravado", "Ghost of a Chance" and one that many will disagree on- "Neurotica".
  12. Though I don't dislike it (in fact I like every song on it except "Distant Early Warning") I think it's one of their weaker '80s albums. "The Enemy Within" is the only song on it i'd put in my best-of list, with a few other possibilities ("Kid Gloves", "Between the Wheels", "Red Lenses"). In comparison their other '80s albums except Hold Your Fire all have several definitive best-of songs.
  13. I really like both songs. It's hard to pick one.
  14. - By-Tor and the Snow Dog--> Caress of Steel (in the vein of their "epics") - As mentioned, Vital Signs--> Signals (shows the reggae rhythms which would be explored more on the following album) - Digital Man--> Grace Under Pressure (The technology-themed concept fits songs like "The Body Electric". It also fits the "colder" sound of the album.) - Emotion Detector--> Hold Your Fire (Has a mellower sound compared to the rest of Power Windows) - Show Don't Tell--> Roll the Bones (The funk vibe reminds me of songs like the title track) - Stick It Out--> Test for Echo (The heaviness and drop-D tuning is similar to songs on TFE) - Far Cry--> Clockwork Angels (Fits the more "rocking" sound of that album)
  15. Hilarious post. 2112 is probably my favorite Rush song (Hemispheres comes awfully close).
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