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    Seeing my first ever Rush show on my 20th birthday, and being in the 7th row at MSG for R40.
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    Led Zeppelin, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers
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    I am learning to play bass, thanks to Geddy. Now the proud owner of an Geddy Lee Signature Model Fender Jazz Bass.
  1. Hello! Yes, haven't been around in a while. But Facebook decided to put at the top of my news "NEIL PEART SAYS HE'S RETIRED" and knew I had to come here to see the reaction. I expected a bit more chaos.
  2. Just think how excited we'll all be for the R50 Reunion Tour! But really, I think it's fine if they stop touring at this point, they've earned that. But I would hope the door isn't closed to something like a single show here or there once in a while, or another album. Also, this is being reported as Neil's definitive statement, but I have a feeling it's being taken a little out of context. We may soon hear from the band that the whole operation isn't over, like this makes it sound. Last we heard from Geddy and Alex, it was all still "we don't know." If Neil had decided this for sure I would think they would put out a joint announcement.
  3. Well the leaked tour book listed The Wreckers, Big Money, YYZ, Camera Eye, and Natural Science, none of which were played last night. We'll almost definitely see all of those.
  4. But they still did play Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio, so, can't win 'em all. Also, that tourbook image did list both YYZ and Natural Science, so I wouldn't get your hopes up about that yet, they'll probably get rotated in. As a YYZ lover I'm personally hoping for that.
  5. Here I was just trying to make people laugh, and the actual point of this thread seems to have passed most people by. Ah well.
  6. It was August 1st, 2002. I had two tickets for the Rush show in St. Louis the next day. I always put valuable things like that in my ledger for safe keeping, but since I had recently purchased a new ledger, I hadn't yet written any names or numbers inside it. I thought it would be okay though and put the envelope with the tickets inside my trusty ledger. At one point I was taking a walk down a street and needed to tie my shoe. For just a second I put my ledger down inside the bed of a truck that happened to be parked on the side of the street next to me, which was filled with a bunch of trash and leaves. I needed my hands free to tie my shoes. When I was done tying them and I stood back up, the ledger was gone! To this day I still don't know what ended up happening to my tickets. So don't forget to check the bed of the truck you put your ledger in for a second when you are walking down the street and need to tie your shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It is tomorrow isn't it? Why would the code work now?
  8. I know that the comedian Louis CK was able to pretty successfully take on Ticketmaster by first having a tour where he sold tickets directly to fans, and left Ticketmaster out of it entirely. This time, they are involved but apparently agreed to do his ticketing without all the extra fees, I'm guessing because they didn't want to be left out again. So, if there's a will, there's a way.
  9. So, can anyone who knows a bit more than I do about how this works tell me, after today is there still hope of getting anything in the first 10 rows without going to a reseller?
  10. I really love that there are already a ton of tickets on StubHub for crazy prices. I really, really love the way this whole process works. And by love, I mean hate.
  11. I could get Section C Row 8 right now... but I'm thinking of turning it down to wait for something even better.
  12. I really wanted to get something good this time, but of course since I'm trying one whole hour after the sale began, it seems as though there's nothing left.
  13. Shreddy Lee

    Larry Allen

    Yes. My mother always calls me her sweet little weinrib
  14. This one still blows my mind. The genius that is YYZ losing to literally the most boring 3 minutes you'll ever sit through. It's the same droning sound repeated for 3 minutes! Once you've heard the first 5 seconds of that song, you've heard the whole thing. Just awful.
  15. This topic brings to mind for me a key difference I often think about between these two - what I will call their presence within the sound of the band. A somewhat unique thing about Geddy and Rush, and something I love, is how forward the bass often is in the mix, and how much the bass is often an integral part of a song. It's right there, up front, providing another layer right alongside the guitar, or sometimes even taking the lead instead of the guitar. With JPJ and Zeppelin, you may chalk it up to just being a different time, different methods of production, a difference of his personality, whatever, but the fact is that in so many songs JPJ is just completely buried in the mix, and I often have to struggle to try to hear what he's even playing. Now, with Zeppelin being what it is and with Jimmy Page on guitar, you can say that's inevitable, and you'd have a point. Even in Them Crooked Vultures, he does some great work, but you often have to hunt for it to even hear it. It may just be that he prefers to stay more in the background and follow the more traditional bass player role. I don't know. But to me, it's an important point.
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