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    i have a top three
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    first live concert. madison square garden. counterparts.
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  1. Todem, yes I was going to add that bit about S&A live and R30. Awesome camera work and footage of Neil on both. That's why it's baffling that they've gone backwards IMO
  2. Just finished watching the bluray this evening. Sounded just fine in my opinion and met my expectations. However I was really surprised at the lack of Neil footage. There were MANY moments of classic Neil fills that I expected close ups of, which were not caught on camera. Either the camera panned back to Ged or Alex, or did just another of numerous crowd shots. It reminded me of ESL which also had a distinct lack of Neil footage, which was frustrating as a kid for me because I'm such a fan of his, but is acceptable for the time of filming. Now with all of the limitless technology available, it seems like either poor planning or poor editing. Anyone agree??
  3. I was at the Radio City shows in 2004 and they were by far the best sounding Rush concerts ive ever been to. No comparison. I've been jonesing for them to do more shows there and just don't understand why they don't. Here's to hoping for some additions!!
  4. Btw. No way this is their last tour. Of this magnitude yes. But we will see them again.
  5. Glad to hear you got great seats. Bummer it's soo much. I've gotten much closer on the past two tours (8th row center and 12th row center for CA and TM respectively), for less, so these prices are bumming me out a bit.. I'm going of course, but I'm gonna have to wait out for a deal I think. Maybe craigslist.
  6. They still make windows? Sounds like you need a Mac.
  7. Segue, Rush in Rio is not a good example. You need to get the S&A bluray. It is phenomenal
  8. They've been continually peaking. We just need an engineer to capture them. CA sounds like shit compared to even Presto. I know that's a bold statement, but listen to the sound quality differences.
  9. Ive been listening to pandora a lot recently because I'm moving into a new space and all of my music is in boxes and i have to stream music. Phew, that was a long sentence. Anyway, Rush on pandora plays a lot of Rage Against the Machine. I find this peculiar. I personally love RATM, but they play almost as many rush songs as RATM. Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. For you north easterners, I'm jonesing for another RCMH show. The last time they played ther was on the R30 tour and it was The Best Sounding show I've ever seen! The acoustics there were phenomenal and I really wish they would fit that into there schedule again. Has anyone else seen them there?
  11. I haven't read all of the replies but I've read most, so excuse me if I repeat what others have said. To me, this is a silly debate ( with all do respect). The Beatles are The Beatles and Rush is Rush. There is no sense in trying to make a comparison. Music is so individualistic and representative of the times and styles and culture. Who is or is not the better "musician" is a moot point. Do you like The Beatles and have they written some awesome songs? For me yes. Do I listen to Rush more and have they touched me on different level? No doubt. But that doesn't make one band "better" than the other. IMO
  12. Is it just me(and I know it's not) but Neil's posts on his sight are just a bit too long. I so want to know about all of his updates, but I also don't want to read a novel. I love the guy, but lets maybe edit it down a bit?
  13. Something for nothing, analog kid, chemistry, red barchetta...
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