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  1. It's getting serious. I plan on being at both Sat & Mon, but I'm still holding out. If anyone else is doing the same, let's post our results here and see how we did in the NYC metro area calling TM & StubHub on their bluffs....... I start tomorrow at 8:55 AM.
  2. I was also at the RTB boot show. They used a lot of lasers that tour. I was on Al's side about 1/2 way back in the lower bowl.
  3. I'm still playing chicken with this show and MSG. My wife & I will be there one way or the other, either through winning the tm waiting game or getting in the building or off a last minute stub hub sale.
  4. I personally think they will debut it for the dvd filming and play it for the rest of the tour afterwards.
  5. Workin on it.....with a couple obvious must stay in the set for reality songs.......
  6. Keep in mind, they like to switch a couple things each leg of a tour. This run of dates has a couple breaks in it. They may be treated like mini-legs and get a couple tweaks each time.
  7. I still haven't jumped onboard the sub...........I'm afraid of sharks. Are these periscopes in fresh water? Oh wait, bull sharks.......no periscope for me.
  8. Hey everyone. 4th night jitters. I'm predicting 2 tour debut songs tonight, both in the 1st set. At this point it looks like the encore is set in stone.
  9. They can play WYD at any tempo they want, as long as they keep playing it! At least Animate is back up to tempo.
  10. This set list is quite intriguing. Wonder if the encore proves to be static or not............?
  11. Damn, what's up with the angst going on here? FOH is absolutely 'vetted' around here, has been for years. Ya'll need to pipe down.
  12. Set B. A never played tune. An equal GUP swap. Camera Eye I've only seen twice, Red Barchetta many more times.
  13. Set One Introduction Video - "The World Is... The World Is..." Clockwork Angels The Wreckers Headlong Flight (with mini Drum Solo) Far Cry Vapor Trail Leave That Thing Alone Roll the Bones The Big Money Kid Gloves Subdivisions Intermission Set Two Fan Film & Montage "No Country for Old Hens" Tom Sawyer YYZ The Camera Eye (Manhattan section) Jacob's Ladder Natural Science Cygnus X-1 Book Two: Hemispheres - Prelude Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage - Part 1 Drum Solo Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage - Part 3 Xanadu 2112: I. Overture 2112: II. Temples of Syrinx 2112: VII. The Grand Finale Encore Encore Film "Mel's Rockpile" Bastille Day Anthem What You're Doing Working Man Garden Road (riff) Closing Film "Exit...Stage Left"
  14. 37 songs in the rotations and multiple (5) set variations.......according to a quick chat with crew after last night. Not me. We'll see........ The Wreckers Mal Nar Big Money Kid Gloves Red Lenses YYZ Camera Eye Nat Sci ???? Sunday night will tell us a good part of the clues. If they swap in 5 or 6 songs, the whole show will have some cool chronological shifts in the sets.
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