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  1. This is you having fun No crisis Getting burned by the sun This is true This is no social crisis
  2. I didn't raise the c word, but thanks for commenting.
  3. For conditions creating the need for squatters...thank you!
  4. As someone with unexpected knee and back issues, and that's after 50+ years of zero problems in those areas, including walking a mile or two a day, vitamins daily... I can think of quite of a few senior citizens who cannot deal with a walkable neighborhood in any way shape or form. I would have loved it two or three years ago for sure. That's why I say wait 40 or 50 years to the Millennials and gen Z's, perception will change when the nerves tell you something different than what they are telling you now
  5. Yes their playing was not at its peak in R 40, but that setlist was the best setlist in decades for those fans who appreciate '70s Rush more than '80s rush. That was the setlist I waited 30 years for.
  6. The younger generation strongly believes that we can save the planet with better Urban Design. While that may be true, just wait 40-50 years, then tell me how much you want walkable neighborhoods versus driving to where you need to go.
  7. 5 albums in 32 years and they are all elite. Their standards for release are impressive. Imagine a world where Rush expanded their prog from Hemispheres and didn't hurry towards "adult accepted formats" that the "inteligencia" wanted from them. Thats Tool.
  8. 3 mild winters in a row here on lawn guy land, first snow in 24 months amounted to 3 inches, great for my aging knees and back but terrible sign for the earth. Dont tell soakin, they'll deny it from the Flat Planet Café.
  9. Amz is building an electric fleet, so you're saving the planet
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