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  1. This review didn't age well.
  2. The Garden Losing It Resist Not really hits with the general public, but much beloved amongst most Rush fans. I dislike the second and third songs. I outright hate the first. We're talking Sith Lord level hate.
  3. I've only checked out Distant Early Warning, but it was perfect.
  4. Definitely going to have to check this out.
  5. She was more of the "how big she's going to be" and now "how big she could have been." It was five years since her last album until she died.
  6. King Crimson, definitely. Especially Lark's thru Red.
  7. Yes. I had a piezo system on my Music Man JP6 that I had from 2007 to early 2019. I kind of missed having that option, so I thought this was an opportunity to get it back. I think in a lot of ways this guitar replaces that guitar, but in an overall better package. Interestingly, if I hadn't gotten the piezo, there would have been a three way toggle for the pickup selector, much like on the PRS Custom 24 guitars, and the Tone knob would have been push-pull to split the coils. But because I got the piezo, the volume knob went where that toggle would have gone, so I got a five way switch, and no push-pull. I wasn't really clear on that when I ordered it, but I had an idea it might be coming that way based on what the virtual builder showed me. My only complaint with the five way switch is that I get both humbuckers in the third position (at least I'm pretty sure, they don't sound split to me,) but I can't get both split. Positions one and five are bridge and neck humbuckers, respectively, and two and four are bridge and neck split. And I'm really quite happy with 1, 2, 4, and 5. I just don't think I'll be landing on 3 much, or ever. But both split pickups could have been really good. And full and split bridge with the piezo is really quite good, too. So yeah, it is very versatile, it looks amazing, and it plays great, too. And it is a chunk! I haven't weighed it, but it is heavier than my Aries. I'll have to see how it compares to my SE McCarty 594 single cut. That guitar is 8lb 3oz. And if you are curious, the bridge pickup is a Lithium, and the neck is a Beryllium. Apparently it is a pretty popular combination. I have a bridge Beryllium in my Aries. And the neck wood is Walnut and Mahogany.
  8. Well, I did a thing: Kiesel California Carved Top in Crimson Red
  9. Smashing Pumpkins - Atum - At three discs and 33 tracks, it is a bit too long, but there is still some rally good music on this release with a good mix of heavy rock and synth pop. As for Clockwork Angels, I think I appreciate more each time I revisit it. The only songs I always skip are Halo Effect, BU2B2, Wish Them Well, and The Garden. The album essentially stops for me after Headlong Flight, which is really what Rush should have done, too.
  10. Based on artwork, Molly Hatchet had some of the best albums ever.
  11. $4K for a Strat is PRS/Suhr like money. PRS doesn't even charge that much for a Silver Sky. Godin are really reaching far for this one. That's gonna be a hard pass from me, dawg.
  12. He's just trying to be edgy, but he's being dumb. I haven't heard the song (or maybe I have, we play a country music station for our dogs when we're not home, and maybe it was on and I just didn't know it before I turned the radio off.) Iif Beyonce wants a bite at that apple and fan base, and she can pull it off, great. If she puts out a real country song that isn't mocking the genre (which she is fully capable of doing) there's no reason people won't enjoy it. Mithrandir just thinks everyone in the south is a red state redneck racist who's tearing their hair out that a black woman would dare even attempt such a heresy. And in so doing, he exposes his own bigotry and racism.
  13. You're going to get this moved to SOCN, you keep this shit up.
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