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  1. He's definitely my favorite. I love Jon Anderson's lyrics, too. But Neil is my favorite.
  2. I never got the big fuss over Resist. Geddy loved it, apparently. But it was completely forgettable for me. I didn't even remember it until I read your post.
  3. September 10th, 1996 - Test for Echo is released. I only knew this album had come out because I was in the car and turned on the radio. A song was playing, and I really wasn't paying attention to it. But then I heard the vocals, and with a couple of words it hit - That's Rush! I haven't heard this song before. They have a new album! Not really one of my favorite albums. I can't remember the last time I listened to anything from it. Stand out tracks are Time and Motion, Driven, and the title track is ok. I don't really mind Half the World that much, but I know some here can't stand it. Kind of like how I like Red Lenses from GUP. But I rally, really like Red Lenses. I just don't hate Half the World.
  4. I feel the same exact way about Vital Signs. It could have appeared on Signals and been right at home alongside New World Man and Digital Man. Whether it was intentional or not, it was the perfect segue from Moving Pictures to Signals, and even Grace Under Pressure. It had the heaviness of Moving Pictures. It had the Reggae/Police feel of Signals. It was dark and ominous like Grace Under Pressure.
  5. I'd go one album further and say Grace Under Pressure. There is an amazing cohesion to that album.
  6. They can stop doing 40th Anniversary releases with full live shows after Grace Under Pressure. If they want to keep going, fine. But I only really want Signals and GUP.
  7. September 9th, 1982 - Signals is released. Where's the Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition already???
  8. September 8th, 1987 - Hold Your Fire is released. Almost three months later, on November 30th, I would see Rush in concert for the first time. Interesting thing is, I really thought the concert was earlier in the month, on the 17th or 18th. As it turns out, I saw Rush for the first time thirteen days before I saw Yes for the first time.
  9. He shares the top spot with Bill Bruford. Which one am I listening to right now? He's my favorite.
  10. A single mom with a baby boy and a live-in boyfriend? Jesus, Mary and Joseph, you've got your hands full.
  11. Steve Howe is my favorite guitar player. Alex is my second favorite.
  12. 1. Chris Squire 1a. Geddy Lee
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