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  1. We have this on at work right now, on a big screen. Big, big screen.
  2. It only took playing one more season to get Gisele to divorce him.
  3. Rush - Anthem Bastille Day Beneath, Between, Behind A Passage to Bangkok Jacob's Ladder
  4. Now that is a name I haven't heard in a very long time.
  5. I think this has been around for quite awhile.
  6. Yes - Close to the Edge Rick Wakeman - The Six Wives of Henry VIII I bought them the same day I bought the CD player.
  7. In this case, I have to agree with the complainants. It's one thing for a trailer to make a movie look more exciting, funnier, or whatever, than it really is. A common gripe is that "all the funny parts were in the trailer." But they were also actually in the movie. Showing an actor or sequence that didn't make the final cut is definitely misleading. Whether or not it is worth suing over is another question.
  8. Deceptive in that maybe it shows a product working better than it actually will, or easier to use than it actually is. And then they put small print disclaimers at the bottom of the screen saying "Results may vary." Instant indemnity.
  9. I will tell my story in phases, a la TheAccountant. #1 - Spring of 1981 - I was 11 years old, not really hip to any bands or music beyond pop. Songs I knew at the time were Whip It, Cars, and Pop Muzik, the later I had on 45. I had received Billy Joel's album Glass Houses on my 11th birthday (May of 1980) and I liked it quite a bit. Fast forward to March or maybe early April of 1981 and I here people talking about a band named Rush and a new song called Tom Sawyer. It's just three people, and it's so good. One Saturday I'm watching tv (not MTV, just regular tv, so I don't know how this happened) and the video for Tom Sawyer comes on. I thought to myself, "This is the band and song I've been hearing about." So I watched it, and I didn't like it. It sounded weird, they didn't look like rock stars, the singer looked like a witch, and what was with that shrieking? (On a side note, late in 1981, or perhaps early in 1982, I probably saw King Crimson perform on the show Fridays. I watched it religiously, and they definitely appeared, but I probably thought it was wacked out weird shit.) #2 - Here's where my timeline is a little bit foggy. Sometime in the fall of 1984 , I was part of the Columbia House record thing. The album of the month that they sent out was Moving Pictures. I kept meaning to send it back, but I missed the dead line and had to keep it. I had been getting into Yes quite heavily, so Moving Pictures just went down in the stack of albums my parents had, along with the few I possessed. In late 1984, was talking to a neighbor friend about wanting to add a band to my listening, feeling that listening to only Yes, I was going to burn out. He suggested Rush and loaned me All The World's A Stage. They have the best drummer and the best bass player, he said (we'll see about that!) After listening to it, I was sold on Neil, still thought Chris Squire was better than Geddy, but not by much, and the guitarist was criminally underrated. Rush was on my radar. #3 - February 1985 - We'd had a pretty good snow storm that had shut down the schools for a few days. We had cleared off our driveway, and the snow plows had come through, and my parents and I went to the grocery store. While they were shopping, I walked next door to the record store, which surprisingly was open. They didn't have any Yes that I didn't already have, so I looked in the Rush bin. I can't remember all of what they had, but they did have Grace Under Pressure. I knew that was the most current album, and I liked what I'd heard on the radio (Distant Early Warning and The Body Electric) so I bought it and listened to it as soon as I got home. I can still remember hearing the last three songs on side two for the first time. I don't remember how many times I listened to Between The Wheels that night. #4 - Spring of 1985 - I was listening to Moving Pictures and Grace Under Pressure, but I needed something more. Since I liked Yes, and loved their longer pieces, I knew Rush had the album 2112, and that side one was the song 2112. So I bought it one day after work, and that was that. I didn't need there to be any good songs on side two (but there were) I just needed 2112, over and over again.
  10. I would have just hit rewind, but I respect flipping the tape, taking a listen, and flipping it back.
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