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    Listening to them. Been into them since 81
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    Joy Division N.M.A. Meat Puppets Holdsworth
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  1. Yeah. Went to the cinema to see this. Best way to enjoy this action romp. Wasn't disappointed. The Kilmer scene was carried out so well. Brought back memories too. Excellent.
  2. Holdsworth is my fav guitarist. Alex is in the top 10 tho.
  3. As long as it doesn't break out in acne with mood swings, we're alright.
  4. Artillery still. Is this the greatest starting riff ever? Pretty damn close. Shame it turns into mush there after.
  5. Nice. Seems it's based on a 1176 compressor. Really love how you explain how the sound feels to you :) seriously. It makes so much sense. I usually put an EQ after the compressor. Get a lovely rich sound with the 2 in tangent. Push and cut after the compressor has levelled things out a bit. It almost makes me sound half decent .
  6. Love Eat Em And Smile and Skyscraper. RIP.
  7. The Damned Curtain Call. Really reminds me of DT's Space Dyed Vest. Likely the chord sequences in parts. Equally moving, great words.
  8. Dealing With The Dead is a great album. Staggered it's not known more.
  9. Plan 9. Great Garage type band. Sounds like the Doors, Ghost Blue Oyster Cult. How these guys are not known more beggars belief. Dealing With the Dead, New Rose, Frustration great albums for the 1st offing. Many more albums to check out. Happy to experience them.
  10. Nowt. It's all a given, apart from beer.
  11. This got deleted. Here it is again. Give this a listen if you haven't already. Cross between Ghost, Doors and the Blue Oyster Cult. Fantastic stuff!
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