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    Many, many. Perhaps not Tai Shan (ha, ha)
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    Difficult, I own them all...and love them all.
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    Meeting Geddy on a plane to the Bahamas when I was a teenager in the mid '80s. He signed my 2112 cassette tape!
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    Wide Mouth Mason, Live Queen, Bob Dylan (painted face), studio Big Wreck, new Eric Clapton with friends type stuff, live Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, The Sheepdogs, The Tragically Hip, Boston. And watching a special on Prime "Long Strange Trip" I realise how familiar/memorable the Grateful Dead is.
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    Used to play piano (to grade 6), tuba (3 years), even some Rock Band instruments!

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  1. So, I just HAVE to share this little event. I was just down in Duluth and purchased the hard cover of the book. No audio version so I will still have to get that. After leaving Barnes and Noble, we were driving around and stopped at a pharmacy and got a pop and a couple of things. The cashier noticed the Canuck accent and asked if we were visiting and how was our stay? I said, as I always plug the band whenever I can, that we were down to shop and that I had gotten a copy of Geddy Lee's new book at the mall because it wasn't up in Thunder Bay yet. She gave me a blank look and I said "He's the singer from Rush?" She politely nodded and said "That'll be $21.12". I chuckled. Then I realised she was being serious! All my life I notice anything referencing 2112 as I am sure we all do, here on the forums? I looked at the till and sure enough, the amount owing on the little window was exactly 2112. I made a bookmark out of it and it will stay with the book. Cool, huh? Edit: And can I please ask, from where are people purchasing the audio book as a CD/Hard copy? I want the option to use in different devices. I googled around and there was a copy on Amazon, but there must be an actual official site for purchasing? Rush.com, Geddy this and that, I don't see anything official to get a CD as such? Thanks for any affirmative suggestions.
  2. I guess I heard a "Prog Rock" sound, lose interpretations of rock music and scales? Still, it sounded great, if not so much a video capture.
  3. I admit, I don't know Tool from a hole in the ground, honest. They are like Dream Theatre light? But I wanted to watch Alex play. That sounded very, very good. I would have liked a close up but still, the dude leaning over his guitar and watching his fingers play each note - to perfection - was great to see. Alex playing on stage. Wonderful. But not really focused on his guitar playing? Still, live sounds and venue atmosphere is never easy - so I have read. And we got a "double neck" during the last half of the song! Thank you, BastillePark, very much Just seeing the stage lights on Alex felt very nostalgic. So very much wanting to see more of him on stage.
  4. I saw that today looking around for coverage of interviews. Nice one! It's not just asking a question that folks might already have a general idea about, but hearing Geddy describe his feelings about R40 being the end was really nice. And actually, we already knew about the different feelings between the guys and that it might be over, but Neil feeling "liberated" is a more definitive description of how he must have been growing more excited with each show closer to the end, than the other guys.
  5. I glanced at this topic, thank you Blueschica! But, but... I don't want too many spoiler alerts. For once, and probably the first time, I am not ordering something fresh off the press. It really adds up and I have ordered a tonne of Rush stuff hot off the presses in the last few years. So I thought I would wait a bit for a price drop, but even typing this I feel like an ugly wart on the backside of a lonely frog in a wilderness swamp. Everything has been so positive from what I am reading, from different directions, I really want both the book and audio book. I love the tactile holding and seeing the photos but I also do a lot of road trips. I could listen to Geddy talk for hours - and I will! This weekend I will poke around and make my orders
  6. I would have, too. But then the final, of the final, of the last of all that business would feel more special than so many songs played over the decades? It's' the "Zen" thing, the Garden being symbolic and it really was the the end? These guys always surprise me. Absolutely wonderful in many ways.
  7. Thank you Jag2112, for this! I love when forum folk post new stuff I just don't regularly come across, very nice. Is it just me or one the photos at the bottom of the article "Lee and Neil Peart - Nancy took this..." is actually Geddy and Alex?
  8. Thank you, Lurkst for this link. I don't follow podcasts and I am generally not tuned in to musician interviews so I would otherwise never have known about this. When you have listened to main stream interviews and read articles and books and such about the band members over the years, hearing from his brother just feels kind of warm and fuzzy? Cozy?. It adds some context to what you think you knew and just the most simple of questions and hearing the answers is so great to hear. Well worth the listen, anybody seeing this topic. Not depressing, nothing to shy away from, but a wonderful celebration of Neil. And so cool that three years after he passed away there is not silence or "enough already, leave me alone" but more sincere sharing of stories with family and the fantastic life he lived. (Thank you Family!) Great interview
  9. A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson. I watched the movie a few years ago and a friend is planning on doing most of the Appalachian Trail next year so I was inspired to read the book. The author includes a lot of local history along the route.
  10. Ahhhhhhhh! Sweet. What a treasure. My copy is very old and tattered. I was completely taken when I was being read to, of a boy who asked adults if his drawing scared them, but they thought it was a hat when it was actually an elephant inside a snake! (Not exactly, it's been a while but something like that). As I got older I could read it for myself and contemplate more of the details and have done so many times. It seems presented as a children's book but it most certainly is a very mature story with so many philosophical considerations. Thanks for presenting it here, it's been a while and I will have to read it again soon
  11. More details, please?! I am not in any in-the-know loops regarding the band, when was the interview and where might we find it? Thanks!
  12. Thank you condemned2bfree for posting this. Its great to hear about so much activity continuing in his honour - and others, the charities and foundations. Three and half years later and the momentum is very, very strong! His sister is clearly as humble and actively involved in "goodness" as Neil was. Amazing. I would probably would never have seen this if you hadn't posted the link.
  13. Or, How cool that the marching band chose these tracks from decades earlier and brought them to life in a different way? I thought it was great. And honestly, I find it bit giggly watching all the white shoes march around in unison, what a lot of work. So nice to see after all these years!
  14. I would be careful about ordering it on Amazon, from what I see looking around at various websites it is officially being released on November 14. I didn't try to order the audio or other format, but these days anything is for sale. You might be "pre-ordering" without realising it? Personally, I will be buying the hardcover. Most of my Neil books are hard cover. I read my Kindle regularly, but some books I want to actually hold and use my cheater glasses
  15. pjbear05 - wow, that is quite a journey. Dark?! But I can relate to reading something and wanting so much, much more of it. Incidentally, there was a movie and a long running theatre play called Come From Away about planes diverted to Gander, Newfoundland and how even two decades later, many of those same people are still getting together to remember that horrific event. Thousands of passengers from different flights descended on this little town and for days, the cooking, accommodations, generally anything needed to help strangers stranded in a foreign place is still being shared to this day. And another anniversary approaches. Hold requests on books, 22 years later. Amazing, truly.
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