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  1. I saw the newsletter, great fundraising idea but not for me. But dear to Alex's heart to be sure, great initiative. My sister is hosting a family that arrives next week, in Edmonton. It was a very long and detailed process but is finally happening. Lots of friends and family sending money and links for things like getting a library card, applying for this and that, finding social clubs to join - a tonne of work!
  2. Man vs. Bee, Netflix. The subtle brilliance of humanity when faced with unbridled torment and the unwavering determination of... Ahem...fine. It's presented in short Chapters. You can test the waters or binge the whole thing in about an hour. Heck, it felt like a brief vacation with all the craziness lately.
  3. Never was a big fan of the whole franchise, but I think Jon Favreau is a genius and the Mandalorian and the Book of Boba Fett (I had to look up the history of both, not knowing anything about them) are brilliant, IMO. In contrast I found the Obi series rather slow and simple. But I guess Jedis are just that? Slow and wise wins the race?
  4. As mentioned above (but lost in all the pizza love) it should be... SOUP!!
  5. I voted for "Hiding it under the table". Some days very busy Mom would spread some liverwurst on pumpernickel and set it down for a quick lunch. Some times it just wasn't going down well. We hid the breads under the piano. One major cleaning day the furniture was pushed around and under the piano were small curled dried up things. Not a spanking day, but grounded and no toys for, what seemed like, forever.
  6. Any chance yet to see the multi-planet line up before sunrise these days? The moons of Jupiter are apparently very visible. "Before sunrise" is obviously very early to be up, but curious!
  7. I would wager a dollar on that bet, Rhyta, but I think you might be right. And by the looks of pompoms and popcorn you are hunkering down for the kill!
  8. I feel your enthusiasm. But honestly, to win two more in a row and still win in a tie? Maybe, just maybe, if it were the Leafs ( ) LOL... We shall soon find out!
  9. Yikes! Hang in there and you might not be the only people to still have a waterbed, but congrats of the bragging, and goodness, what an ordeal! Glad you seem to be recovering.
  10. I am guessing you did not eat that for dinner. At 33 feet, it might fit into a human intestine, but the chewing? It would exhaust the most enthusiastic chewer. For sure.
  11. Sorry I missed this, welcome to the Forums Time Stood Still
  12. I guess I am not quite done with this journey. I don't know exactly what to say, but I still feel the need to say something. Thank you to her friends (and family?) on the Forums who helped those of us who were strangers but felt connected in some way. All the loving posts and encouraging thoughts, and so public yet so respectful and honest. You all are great folks I need to say thank you, again, for joining us all together. It seems short, now, but during those months it felt long and a daily question of "Who wrote something today?", "Will she reply today?". So, yes life moves on. I just feel that I need to say, out loud, that it was a very emotional and courageous thing to do - sharing one's painful trip to the other side. I am sure we all hope that the wind is still filling her sails and the horizon is full of wonderful memories and funny Rush stories. Keep sailing away, Lorraine, sail away to wherever you want. You are free.
  13. I had to choose a team. For trivial reasons, but reasons just the same, I am going with Florida.
  14. I am not a big Stephen King fan. I know he is amazing, but I have only watched (some) television productions of his books. My spouse is a big fan, though. And lots of other murder mysteries and detective series. I went back to some Tim Moore books (the travel cyclist, self-inflicting sufferer of historic races). Right now The Cyclist Who Went Out in the Cold, riding a folding "shopping bicycle" along the route of the old Iron Curtain -about ten thousand kilometres (2 gears!). He starts in Finland with roads covered in pretty deep snow. What?
  15. Watching a Youtube interview with Neil and the Strombo. It was the 30th anniversary of Moving Pictures. The band rented Ronnie Hawkins' place "near Peterborough, Ontario" and how nice it was with the barn to play in, and "a little cottage on a little lake" for writing. Not a new factoid, just sharing and surprised this topic thread didn't go longer. Nationality aside, RH was a big influence on a lot of people. I am never quick to recall all the Rush stuff in my brain or on the book shelves and stereo tables. But when I come across a reminder I want to share it with other older fans and maybe, it's something new to later Rush followers. Cheers!
  16. Only Geddy gets to sing 2112! (I read it, somewhere - but definitely an authority) And I would not want Geddy to sing Bohemian Rhapsody. I would not want Brian May to play Alex's parts. And I would not want Brian to tune a guitar beside a stream, wondering about how its string make sounds. Yes, musicians are able to play each other's music - but shame! 2112?! Nobody touches that Getting old, I guess
  17. If it's for a charity, sure. But as a sale of "Merch" no thanks. Let's remember there is a huge warehouse somewhere of Rush equipment. Perhaps some of it gets used, some leased and so on. But it would be a HUGE amount of stuff. If the idea is to sell it off, lot by lot, it feels wrong. ...plink plink.
  18. We watched some of Ghostbusters : Afterlife. Lots of kids, lots of jokes. A Grasshopper walks into a bar. The Bartender says "we have a drink made after you". The Grasshopper says "You have a drink made after Steve?" What do you call a dead polar bear? Anything you like. It's dead!
  19. Some thoughts, As just above, yes it can be a challenge to the ears, but keep in mind a few things. The folks engineering and producing were Rush fans. Geddy was encouraged to sing the high notes, it took some re-doing to get it right. Personally, I don't like words like "atrocious" when it comes to Rush. They have said, all these years, they end up with the best they can do, no matter how challenging it is. They absolutely progressed, as it was a long time idea to include a group of strings, have an "orchestra" of sorts to record an album. Many rock groups have tried and frankly, sounded poor and uncoordinated. Watching the album live, there is nothing, nothing simple about it. It was an immense project that I think was a great ending to their careers - it had that feel? I, too, found it hard to listen initially, I didn't get it, as I was a bit out of the scene for a few years and here were these songs on the "Charts" that I was supposed to like? It took some time, but it is, in my opinion, an absolute amazing album that with all the things that transpired over the following years, I can't think of a better collaboration of musicians making the music that CA is. Thinking of the big picture, what a last album! Number 19 and nothing simple, nothing re-done, nothing "let's do some unplugged for the third time" - totally original. The artwork, the lyrics, the playing. Maybe every song is not our favourite, but wow, it was a huge ending - in my opinion.
  20. I am never sure where to post something about an album, but in reference to general media... I heard there were poor reviews of the show, Melissa McCarthy and company, but we always liked her and checked out the new show anyways. There she is speeding along the side walk in a scooter and the music blasting away is "We are the Priests...of the Temples...of Syrinx". Of all the Rush tunes I have heard in various shows and such over the years, there it was. A rarity for sure. Why now? Who wanted that in the opener? Super cool!
  21. Holy sh*t goose. What a shock that must have been. And I bet you are in for a long fight? If you ever need to start a Gofundme thing, I'll pitch in. Wow. (Edit - I saw your initial posts when it occurred. I am pretty sure I commented but it got lost in the shuffle. I too have had a ski accident, but it was nothing like yours).
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