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  1. A cynic might say the whole trend is simply making a profit off pretending to like people's favorite songs. And he wouldn't be far off. He'd be spot-on in most cases. This is frequently all about building up a big enough subscriber base to monetize one's channel. Well, his political videos have very few views and seem to garner equal hate and praise. His reaction views are much more popular, and they seem to revolve around a specific type of music and a few artists. I didn't see any political commentaries on Doug Helvering's channel. Who are you talking about, Goose?
  2. Here's a link to the "Xanadu" reaction video. I just discovered this guy a couple days ago; his identification of notes boggles my mind. When I was in college, I dated (and briefly thought I would marry) a wonderful man who had perfect pitch, and he'd do things like hear a glass breaking in a restaurant and say, "That's a G!"
  3. I believe I had it before the disease was formally identified; I had a mild cold that lasted a few days, went away for a few days, and then came back, and when I heard about the returning symptoms, that's when I began to suspect I had it. I have not had an antibody test, so I just don't know.
  4. I remember when Jerry Falwell said that he was offended by Hustler because he was a Christian, and Jay Leno said, "Pagans and Druids are offended by Hustler!"
  5. Jodie Foster's done really well for herself too. Based on what I've seen on other boards, this man's death was like the anti-Neil response. I haven't seen one negative comment about Neil, and conversely, very few positive ones about this man. Okay, I don't think I ever saw "Saved By The Bell" and never heard of him until he died, but c'mon. Show some respect. Save the negative dead-celebrity comments for OJ Simpson, or better yet, just forget about him.
  6. I know this is a zombie thread and I'm new to the board; oh, well. I first heard of Rush ca. 1978, when I was 14 years old and my Bay City Roller fanatic friends kidded me because they weren't cute enough. Anyway, around that time, they did a show at the local Enormodome and one of the cheerleaders bragged, in the days that followed, that she Did It with Rush's lead singer. Someone finally brought a picture of Geddy Lee to school and said, "You had sex with THIS GUY?!?!?" She sputtered, "No, it might have been someone else." Or most likely nobody at all, Miss Pants On Fire! :oops: My first show, I should add, was 4 years later at the same venue, on the "Signals" tour.
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