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    Meeting Geddy and Alex before the 2007 Snakes and Arrows show at SPAC (Saratoga, NY). Hearing "The Garden" for the first time.
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    ... just about any band with an exceptional bassist.
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  1. The Audible version dropped at 3:00 AM here on the east coast, and I started listening immediately. I also ordered the hardcover (if only for the pictures!), and that's supposed to arrive today.
  2. They're not "new," per se. They were recorded for MY FAVORITE HEADACHE, in 2000. Yes, at the end. I just jumped ahead to look for them. They're called "Gone" and "I Am, You Are." Both are on the mellow side, really. Think "The Angel's Share" or "Still." Now back to where I left the narrative...
  3. What am I reading? Geddy's autobiography, of course!
  4. No thread yet on Geddy’s forthcoming memoir? I’ve been waiting with bated breath for it; it was supposed to be released mid-May, but now it’s November. (I think this date is true; it’s now got a cover and a title.) Should be good, and we’ll probably get a audiobook narrated by Ged himself. Who else is buying as soon as it’s released?
  5. After 40 years of wanting one, I finally splurged and bought a Ric. I love it! I’m over the moon! I’ve had it for three days now and I’m only MORE happy with the purchase. Brand new. It was made the first week of 2023, and less than three months later it’s in my house.
  6. Hejira is definitely one of my favorites from 1976. And possibly my favorite Joni album, period. Definitely my favorite Joni album. Jaco Pastorius is the man!
  7. The first album? I think it’s still out there on the Net, but through “used” sellers.
  8. On Christmas morning, Paradigm Blue made a new single (“The Optimist”) available for listening on the Internet, and announced that the full album (“Transist”) will be available in the spring. It’s finally finished! They also provided the album art, the track list, band bios, etc., at paradigmblue.net
  9. I remember it as “It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!” They’d tricked “Mother Nature” into eating margarine passed-off as butter, and when they revealed they’d fooled her, that was her response. She also made a lightning crash, in her anger.
  10. It’s a great piece, with Neil providing lots of autobiographical information. It was first published in the newspaper over 20 years ago, as “A Port Boy’s Story.” This same personal information (and much more) was later repeated in his book “Traveling Music,” which is my favorite of his books. Ironically, Neil was always the most private member of the band and yet - through his books and other writings - we know more personal details about him than those other two dudes.
  11. I cried several times over the weekend... over Neil. And I cried Sunday night while watching the “Time Stand Still” documentary. It got me thinking, “Am I being ridiculous, crying over a rock drummer?” And I settled on NO, it’s not ridiculous. Neil was central to my life, especially in my youth. His words helped shape who I am. His death was like the death of my childhood; that needed to be mourned, too. And this isn’t the drummer of just ANY band we’re talking about: this is Rush, and there’s something very special about Rush. This isn’t the same old Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll; with Rush, there’s much more “there” there, and therefore more being lost. It’s okay to be upset about it.
  12. Over the weekend I watched “Beyond the Lighted Stage” twice, and also watched the “Time Stand Still” doc. (Waterworks!) Song-wise: lots of randomized Rush, thanks to Alexa, Pandora, and Sirius XM. I made a point of playing “The Weapon,” and yesterday I played “La Villa” while following along with a “map” identifying when the various movements began and ended. I’d never done that before.
  13. Regarding the Sirius XM thing, it’s NORMALLY the “deep cuts” channel (27), but has temporarily become the Neil Peart tribute channel... which means they’re playing Rush but not necessarily Rush deep cuts. Still, a good mix. Yes, I’ve heard Closer to the Heart, Limelight, and Subdivisions, but I’ve also heard Territories, Tears, Second Nature, Different Strings, Hand Over Fist, Here Again, and Kid Gloves. Seems there’s nothing they won’t play, and in the course of randomly playing the whole catalog some “hits” will also come up. I agree the “tribute” show from David Fricke was lame. (He even played a Zeppelin tune, under the pretense that “Neil was influenced by Zeppelin.” Mmkay.) I heard half the show and turned it off; too many Rush hits, and the biographical talk about Neil was stuff everyone knows... painting Neil in broad strokes. I’ll give Fricke this much credit: for years, he was the one guy at Rolling Stone who’d show Rush some respect.
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