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    golf, hockey, skiing, ballet, Adult School of Rock, Pilates, community theater, tap, barre.
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    6/29/15 - R40 nyc
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    Ghost of a Chance, Losing It, Natural Science, Different Strings,
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    Caress of Steel, Hemispheres side 1
  • Best Rush Experience
    Meeting Alex and Geddy at Sirius Town Hall and getting to ask them a question and then meet and greet photo!! 2015And Geddy’s book signing: I wore my moon records T and he said he had never seen one before and I said “you can get it at redbubble.com” and he laughed.
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    Styx, Tim McGraw, Iron Maiden, older Marillion/Fish, Black Sabbath w/Ozzy,Queensryche (w/GT), Dire Straits, Bruce
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    former band geek. Drums were first. But now play guitar and some bass.

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  1. I must've missed it, i think i heard a bit too late! I would've died seeing James and the boys. Besides being a huge EJ fan.
  2. Anyone watch this special tonight on PBS? Really fun! Metallica did blistering cover of Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding,
  3. Twice rescheduled Springsteen next week in Albany.
  4. Anyone get Today Was Yesterday music? Alex on 6 tracks. I'd heard the first two, thought they were good.
  5. Excuse my complete ignorance but what does this even mean?
  6. Finally finished this before month trial ran out. I watched Claypool last. Cool guy! Loved all of them. Now watching the Strombo Lit.
  7. Well now that Geddy and Al have been on stage a few times and are clearly loving the limelight, so to speak, wouldn't it be great if...
  8. I watched Trujillo first. He's so forkin cool. But I've no need to see OTTO, lol.
  9. He was our captive audience of one, why didn't we think of that?
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