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  1. Blue J. And, where's The Cat 3 been lately?
  2. Because we’ve all been talking about this now for what seems like forever and no one has actually said that they are going or not many anyway.
  3. Yes, I agree. It's nowhere near sold out and they keep saying they have more guests and artists to introduce, they're not saying anything and it's now only a month away.
  4. A good gf and her bf were there in the front at Night Ranger, she's a huge fan, they got there in the morning and waited all day in the rain. she said it was great.
  5. I have tix for St. Catharines NEP show but still on the fence...
  6. Thanks for posting. Loved the kid in the middle of Crazy Train.
  7. It's hard to tell based on what's been said thus far. But it's for charity and it's far from sold out right now which is a shame.
  8. So, now that we've all seen them at the concert yesterday does anyone think this means they will show up in any capacity at Neil's concert??
  9. Ok, Well maybe I am watching this all day with people like this that they’re on stage lol
  10. On YouTube. I wish I knew when our boys were going to be on because I don’t wanna spend my entire day just watching this lol
  11. Laurabw

    my blog

    Thanks. LOL - I've managed with most of the big loves of my life to be able to stay in touch, I guess I'm just lucky. I actually just had ANOTHER ex BF die 2 weeks ago, but it was a more casual thing with him and I hadn't seen or talked to him in like 30 yrs. He was supposed to be at a gathering I was at about 5 yrs ago but didn't show - I'd wanted to see him just to see what he was like after so long. So now I'm even more bummed he didn't make it.
  12. happy birthday Becky! xoxoxo
  13. Laurabw

    my blog

    Thanks so much. It's still weird to me that he's not here.
  14. Laurabw

    my blog

    Thank you! It was rough, even though I hadn't seen him in years, we had been in touch all the time.
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