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  1. So Paul was great, he did a lot of Wings songs. Apparently it's a similar setlist, but having not seen him in 30 or so years, it was new to me. He seems to be in good shape, he moves well for a now 80 yr old. He struggled on a few songs, which is natural too. He's still a great showman though! Singing Hey Jude with 60K people was awesome. It started raining towards the end. But only for Live and Let Die and Hey Jude. Then Bruce came out and they did Glory Days and Bruce sang I wanna be your man. He sounds great and is clearly ready to tour. Then Bon Jovi came out in the encore to wish him happy bday. And both came out to sing the last song, the medley and The End. Paul said "what else is there to say but see you next time!" I hope so!
  2. So, yeah. Presently in parking lot waiting to leave from the Paul McCartney concert tonight. not only did Bruce Springsteen show up but Jon Bon Jovi did as well and Paul himself was pretty darned good.
  3. I think perhaps if they DO play, it would just be in some kind of giant jam at the end.
  4. ohhh, you know, I just immediately assumed they would play, but yeah, they might just get up there and talk about him.
  5. I was hoping opposite, that Ringo would come to Paul's show on Thursday.
  6. You know, I usually do not read setlist but I did glance at it. But I didn't go down song by song by song. And I don't really remember what I saw on now so I'm not going to look at it again! But once I get to my seat, I do not leave!
  7. I have a friend who drove up there for the show, too. He had invited me but work interfered (darn work, lol). Anyway, waiting to hear from him how it was.
  8. Well, I added a show in between, lol. Going to see Sir Paul next week at Met life Stadium, feeling like I need to see him one more time! He's going to be 80!
  9. so this FINALLY arrived today, it was shipped with another one that was just released (Joe Jackson and Todd live, sorry I had missed that one) - anyway, it's red. So far I love it! Their music totally lends itself to this kind of thing. And for me, it's the perfect ambient music while I'm working, though I am still somewhat filling in the lyrics in my head, lol.
  10. Where were your seats? Was it a straight-forward setup, I mean, just the main stage and nothing else? Getting tickets for here next week and trying to figure out what's best.
  11. Midnight Oil on the 19th, their final tour. Only ever saw them on the flatbed truck outside the Exxon building after Valdez in 1990, so this should be epic.
  12. I went to Coldplay last night at Met Life stadium, gametime decision! Really fun show. They handed out those electronic color bracelets.
  13. 104.3 would NEVER play this. WDHA maybe.
  14. Tim McGraw at Jones Beach on Friday, front row as usual. Most expensive ticket of them all.
  15. Had no idea this had happened! New album from AP, this single just released. I’m quite pleased.
  16. Oh, that part I know, but I wanted to share the screenshot with the stats, too, and can't figure out how to do that part because that's not a cut and paste. But I've never really been able to post pix on this site, anyway.
  17. Every day! And if I knew how to post a screenshot I would, but 6 yrs later I still can't figure it out on here.
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