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  1. Lurkst

    The Worst of Rush

    I won't single out individual tracks as I can find redeeming features in some of the poorest songs. Roll The Bones does seem to have the highest stinker percentage though, yet it was one of their best selling albums. Go figure
  2. Also the anniversary of the first Shuttle launch....
  3. This is absolutely fantastic! When I heard the Massey Hall show was being filmed I was wondering how it would be released, delighted to see it on YouTube. Watched last night and I'm sure I will again, such fun. Just a pity the full event wasn't covered, maybe in future....
  4. Sad news. RIP Tony 😞 In the mid 80s Magnum were quite a big deal in the UK. Never saw them live but friends used to rave about them.
  5. Finished it last night. Excellent read, good to finally get the history of Rush from an insider's perspective. I used to enjoy Neil's recollections in his books and blogs, but they were always brief flashbacks, never the full story. I'm in agreement with earlier posts that the 1980s chapters were the weakest part, ironically given that it was probably the band's strongest decade. I thought the most interesting sections from that period were when he talked about the impact their success had on relationships with his wife and family. It really picked up after that point. I have to admit I found the description of Neil's tragedies even more traumatic than Chapter 3, because they were being experienced by the author and also affected people that we "knew" and the group we loved. An eerie sensation struck me when I was reading about Neil's passing and realised it was now the anniversary of that date. Four years gone My favourite part of the book was just a few lines long, but him describing the locked in connection that he felt with the other guys and audience when a show was in full flow and going well. It instantly brought back the feelings I experienced myself many times witnessing their concerts. Quite simply the greatest live band ever
  6. Finished watching this last night. All four are hugely talented people across a wide and interesting range of pursuits. As someone who requires a lengthy period of motivation to merely hang up a picture, I must confess to being supremely envious.
  7. Well I guessed wrong... https://x.com/Baddiel/status/1736850799785816130?s=20 (Alex has also appeared on stage it seems though).
  8. He was certainly very keen to have British audiences in particular experience the R40 tour. The current run of shows may have an element of atonement about them.
  9. Lerxst has flown over to be the special guest in Portsmouth tonight! I'm guessing he'll be doing the final show in London tomorrow then?...
  10. When Geddy was introduced onstage the audience broke into a rendition of Closer To The Heart like on Exit Stage Left. Ged was visibly shocked and moved Jupitus (not an aficionado) asked "What the f**k was that, the Rush national anthem?"
  11. English comedian Phill Jupitus was tonight's guest (well he does live in Scotland now). Thought he did a good job, irreverent and engaging. Great evening all round
  12. Fully expected another British based interviewer in Sheffield but it's Melissa Auf Der Maur! All bets are off as to who we'll see in Glasgow tomorrow now
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