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  1. Understandable as they were made in the same studio just six months apart. No other Rush recordings took place so close together.
  2. Agreed, the debut is great fun and actually one of Geddy's favourites, but it's not the same band. Vapor Trails from the Peart years for me. Unlike any of their other albums, such dark and deeply personal lyrics, with music to match. I love it, but again it's an outlier.
  3. A lovely moment. Also nice of Geddy to mention they were at the scene of Neil's final performance.
  4. The boys played with Chad Smith and Danny Carey this time it seems. Doing their best to make several drummers' dreams come true
  5. Nobody at the LA show? Updates here... https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2022-09-27/taylor-hawkins-tribute-concert-foo-fighters-kia-forum
  6. So sad. He'd only have been 63 when he was told his time was up Let's hope Al and Ged are with us for many more years to come
  7. Not a classic album by a long way. The tour was great though
  8. Very pleased that I had a quiet day at work today as I was sitting at my desk still smiling at how great a show that was Fantastic that the guys were able to produce such a strong tribute to Taylor and Neil. I honestly thought we would never see anything like that again. I had suspected YYZ might make an appearance given the history with Taylor, but when the intro to 2112 started up I was literally laughing out loud with joy. My wife had never witnessed me at a Rush concert, despite my threatening to take her several times, and she was in stitches at the sight of me rocking out on the couch Thanks guys, you made my year As for Dave Grohl, so much respect. If there's a harder working person in the business I'd like to see them. What a phenomenal tribute
  9. Moving Pictures/ ESL tour. On the Signals tour Alex sung it
  10. I've watched it three times now. What a f***ing fantastic little set. One day those kids at Wembley will appreciate how lucky they were...
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