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  1. Yes https://www.change.org/p/ticketmaster-put-an-end-to-ticketmaster-s-resale-scam
  2. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Alex and Geddy meet Joan Jett! Quite a varied bill at Wembley, but Taylor did have eclectic taste...
  3. For some reason I can't recall, I got hold of a download before the CD fanpack. I remember jumping round the house with my ipod and the cans on, listening to The Anarchist and texting friends saying "OMG this is going to be INCREDIBLE live!" A real joy to experience a first time listen like that to a Rush album in 2012.
  4. Pretty much how ESL turned out anyway. Only issue for me is that Jacob's Ladder is my favourite off that album. I guess I'd need to shell out for the box set version
  5. "Spirit" was their most used opening song. Kicking off the set on the Signals, GUP, Power Windows and Time Machine tours.
  6. This. For me this new release is the definitive way to experience the Moving Pictures songs live. It's their latest material, complex and challenging to play, but they seem aware of its strength and are totally focused on delivering it to the audience as well as possible.
  7. What a song... So much great music, thank you Vangelis and rest in peace.
  8. Surprised to see the Hentor Sportscaster up for auction given Alex' heavy personalised customisation. Again I suppose he'll be hoping that will have extra rarity among Rush collectors...
  9. Some great photos of Alex with "Whitey" over the years. Really can't believe he wants to part with it looking at them!
  10. Nice Pity they didn't make a cameo onstage but that would've been a very un-Rush thing to do
  11. I doubt that. He's literally just done a load of press for the MP reissue. How many guitars does he need at this stage in his career? These are extremely valuable instruments, due to their vintage, their significance to Rush fans, or both. Seems reasonable to use them to raise a considerable amount for good causes now, while he has a say over where the money goes.
  12. Finally listened to Live in YYZ, my god it's incredible. Almost two perfect live CDs. Disc 1 Overture to Xanadu, Disc 2 Spirit of Radio to La Villa.
  13. "A couple of hits" is a bit of an understatement. For good or bad it was an era defining album.
  14. I'd hope not, you want to hear a representation of the band on stage at that time.
  15. Anyway, this has been a great series, thanks to all who contributed
  16. That said, although not my choice, another classic album has been chosen as the winner here, a band on the cusp of greatness. I remember hearing a UK radio interview with Mike Mills from a French chateau promoting Monster:- "Lifes Rich Pageant, could you have imagined talking about that album in these surroundings?" "Not at all, you could have shown me photographs and I would not believe it." "You were sharing a room with cockroaches back then?" "I was sharing a room with Peter Buck."
  17. I will quote from my 1996 Rough Guide To Rock here... "Before Automatic For The People, Peter Buck said REM had never made their Revolver, their Exile On Main Street or Highway 61 Revisited. Arguably now they had- a meditative, nearly perfect album."
  18. A tune from their youths...
  19. Anyway, as I was saying, Murmur definitely should've been in the top 2 for me. US TV clip this time...
  20. Close call for me but So really has become the quintessential PG album.
  21. The final round seems to have disappeared in the upgrade
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