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  1. Jacob's Ladder. It's just less jarring than Cygnus.
  2. The early to mid 80s was a golden era for rock music. That's the truth. Hair metal is a pejorative term used to unfairly denigrate it. If you were there, you know.
  3. Scorpions - Make it Real Scorpions - Coast to Coast
  4. If you get a chance to see Scorpions on their Love at First Sting anniversary tour, take it. I was lucky enough to catch their show in London last week and it was well worth it. I made the show by the skin of my teeth (delayed flight from Tel Aviv) and I was out on my feet with fatigue. I've seen Scorpions goodness knows how many times over the years but this show was incredible. They've even replicated the World Wide Live stage set from the original tour. It's a great night out.
  5. Patricia Highsmith - The Two Faces of January Anthony Trollope - The Warden Stephen King - The Shining Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility Just started: Antonia Fraser - Charles II
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