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  1. Sorry I missed this, hope you had a great day
  2. Missed Walter due to work but saw Tygers on Sunday. Still a good act. Nice balance of the newer stuff & the old NWOBHM classics.
  3. The Beat - Big Shot Megadeth - Architecture of Aggression
  4. I prefer the Hanoi Rocks stuff but his solo efforts are consistently high. It just misses the magic connection of the original band for me but it's still great stuff all the same.
  5. Got this from the library today.
  6. I see that there will be 2 All-Star Tribute gigs for TH, one on Sept 3rd at Wembley Stadium London & one on Sept 27th at Kia Forum in LA. I bet they sell out fast.
  7. Out on Friday. Can't wait! Monroe will also be support to Black Star Riders on their Feb '23 UK tour.
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