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  1. My condolences. It's sad that she had such hard times for so long. Visiting her in the hospital was a good thing, and I'm glad you did it. Hugs.
  2. It's never too late! Wong's one of the top musicians around these days. Wooten also refers to Wong keeping the rhythm guitar tradition going. Speaking of The Fearless Flyers, one of my favourite videos on YT is Mark Lettieri playing with Michael League on NAMM 2017.
  3. Colette (2018). Not a great one, but I liked the costumes.
  4. I dig Cory! He's great, he's funky, and involved in great musical projects. I love the Fearless Flyers and Vulfpeck. Just yesterday my boyfriend and I watched the latest BASS episode on his YouTube channel (the video featured Victor Wooten delivering again many deep words of wisdom). Cory's Wongnotes have a massively tight horn section! The BASS episode
  5. The spring has been very cool so far, round 7 - 10 'C. I still haven't planted the sunflowers, it's too cold. I hope I can do this soon so that there will be sunflowers in the summer to commemorate Lorraine.
  6. A big, warm thank you! This forum feels like my Internet home, and getting it renovated is a great thing.
  7. I finally logged in on the renewed forum after having been offline for a long time. Looks good in here, great work!
  8. Happy 50th Birthday, Leanne! Enjoy your special day!
  9. Dear Lorraine, may you rest in God's eternal, loving arms, in beauty and in peace. :rose: :heart:
  10. I brought home a small bag of sunflower seeds. I'm going to sow them soon, and I'm hoping to see them grow in my balcony this summer. I'm sure I'll be thinking of you, as I am now, every day.
  11. Thank you, driventotheedge! :) :)
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