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  1. I've come to understand this supposed incompetence as elaborate performance art, to remind LFC fans how life is fleeting, and tomorrow we may die. That, or it's a complex scheme to relegate Everton by losing to all the teams at the bottom of the table, thus allowing them to surpass the Toffees.
  2. I assumed this would be about the brawl! This is funny, though, because I predict LeBron will still whine about how often he gets fouled . . .
  3. Oh yeah! I loved their live album, "In Your Ears," but for whatever reason they never really made it.
  4. One of the things about PG is there's so much of it. The best bits of PG are one of the greatest rock albums ever. The worst bits might not win a county fair battle of the bands. But the highs are higher than ANATO.
  5. Iron Maiden RATM The White Stripes Soundgarden Warren Zevon
  6. Why not use the "I just want to send files" link at WeTransfer? Is there a cap on file size for that one?
  7. [Spoken in ominous Party Official voice]: History will record you were rooting for the Bengals!
  8. Wow. So good, so much of his era. Thanks for the memories.
  9. I'm not going to protest at the HoF about Rolen, for sure, and I agree that frequency should outrank awesomeness in making plays, if we have to choose (not everyone can be Willie Mays!), but I don't ever want to lose the joy that those moments of awesomeness do bring! I want my franchise, too, to make informed decisions, of course. This article is an example of the kind of thing I think I mean: https://www.royalsreview.com/2023/1/30/23573357/fantasy-players-are-bullish-on-bobby-witt
  10. I have never played! What little I know of it is from comment sections where various posters suggest that if the team only brought in this guy based on his xWOBA or his WRC+ then their problems would be solved because it worked so well in their fantasy league or in the computer simulation they were running. So many (of the particular vocal kind likely to be on fansite comment sections) fans today seem to be rosterbatory fantasists who think all problems are information problems. As for Rolen, I've always liked the line, "It's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Very Good," but I wonder if they felt some pressure to vote in at least one guy.
  11. It gets closer to just a fantasy league all the time.
  12. Bloody Hammers -- "Black Sunday" (I've had the whole Washed in the Blood album from last fall in heavy rotation this week).
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