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  1. LFC making a habit of going one down and coming back to win 3-1.
  2. Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold on -- what? Oh, wow, man, just wow! Now the top 100 becomes potentially more of a mystery!
  3. So I'm watching an Omaha Storm Chasers (AAA) game and they're using the ABS system, wherein the ump only relays the automated balls and strikes, and I quite like it! They've got a handy graphic, it's fast, and there's little bitching. Bring it on!
  4. Waino, what a gem. I thought he should have gone out with Yadi and Albert, but if he was going to come back for that 200th win, I'm glad he got it; I reckoned for sure he was cooked after some of those outings earlier this season.
  5. So you're changing the rankings as you go? That makes it doubly hard to keep track of what's where! I am glad to see "Emotion Detector" get promoted seven spots, but it's still too low! I'll check back in tomorrow -- maybe it'll be in the top 100!
  6. Okay, I'll click more likes, but I can't promise to like more rankings with "BB&B" so low! Although if you switch it with "Anthem," that seems more just. These latest choices feel appropriate.
  7. You and I must be ranking these things . . . on different strings! That one's got to be top 80, minimally. The others seem justly placed for this set.
  8. Boy, it's a lot of fun when your side gives up an early goal to Wolves and then pretends like they're just gonna let that stand, huh? What hijinks! What capers! Surely being a Robert Plant fan has its limits, yes? All's well that ends well, as a different song writer once pointed out, but oh, what joy.
  9. "BU2B" is a great heavy track, with a good lyrical message, and should be top half! And while I'm on record as a Power Windows stan, I think "Emotion Detector" gets right to the heart of the matter, right where discovery starts. Too low, my friend!
  10. I can't speak for Rhyta, but I'll take a run at him: he's an asshole, full stop. Now, maybe being such a person is necessary for success at his level, and I won't begrudge him that, but a person doesn't have to yap all the time to be recognized as great. Sometimes, people don't have to "back up" their antics with their play because their play speaks for itself. So there's years of tape on this guy being very impressed with himself. He took on a reclamation project with an HBCU, started to build something up, and then ditched that program as soon as a D1 school winked at him, wrecking Jackson St's prospects, essentially telling an entire subset of Black schools "you're not good enough to be interesting, so see ya." Then when he gets to Boulder, as Rhyta mentioned, he dumped most of the team -- and filmed himself doing it, turning 18- to 20-year-olds trying to live their dreams into NPCs for The Deion Sanders Experience, starring, written, directed, and produced by Deion Sanders. I'm still sorry the Cowboys ever signed that guy.
  11. "Today, folks, we come to you live from the HOT TAKE ZONE, right here in downtown TRF! Yessir, home of the hottest takes, and today's special guest is Goose!"
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