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  1. I remember as a kid being so fascinated by all the new teams, logos, etc. of the upstart USFL (I was a Chicago Blitz fan, from afar), but I wasn't even remotely interested in this rebooted version, and I haven't watched a minute of it all season. Now I see their championship is next week! Is this thing viable and watchable? Is this likely to go the way of other recent spring leagues?
  2. Dammit, the Yankees are actually good, aren't they? Ugh . . .
  3. Hi, my name's Nova Carmina; long time lurker, first-time poster in this forum, and I have a gluttonous sin to confess. This morning, one of my (young adult) children left a bag of Sour Patch gummies open on the kitchen counter. I find these things repulsive, but as I sat there watching the news, I tried one. Just one! It was pretty awful, but just to confirm, I tried another. And then another. I think I ate like two dozen before I was able to tear myself away. I feel so dirty. Maybe I'll have a drink to steady my nerves.
  4. Hope it's a good one! You should go back and listen to some of the boots of the great shows you've been to as you trip down memory lane! Tell everybody in your life I said they're to spoil you.
  5. When Wonder Woman wanted to remind all the little people how relatable Hollywood stars are and how they feel our pain, did she ask them to sing "Maybe I'm Amazed"? No, she did not.
  6. Not sure I could defend my picks, but the settlement probably means the NFL feels it's being taken care of, and while the guy obviously has a problem, there are no criminal charges, so that's not an issue. It would be nice if they banned him for a year, to send the basic message "do not be an lecherous asshat" but, I dunno, the NFL, man.
  7. Never leave it short in a scramble!
  8. Thoughts on the Rybus kerfluffle? Will he be missed?
  9. If I'm standing thirty yards away from the flagstick, if you gave me a football, I could hit the flag. If you gave me a baseball, I could get it within an arm's length. But with a golf club in my hands? Is that a quarter swing? Half swing? I take "a" swing and watch it majestically soar up and straight at the pin . . . and land at the back of the green and roll off down a hill. I'm twelve feet away on a putt. How far back do I draw the putter? Well, there's the slope to consider, the quickness/slowness of the greens, so I pull it back, follow through, and watch my putt travel about half the distance to the cup. I try again, trying to match the pace and punch of the first one, thinking "two of those and I'm good" and it rolls three feet past. Good news, I make the comebacker, and shot a 45 for the day!
  10. That's what I thought -- I'd asked for a Lewandowski!
  11. They broke up the Braves' streak, though!
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