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  1. I'm a day late! All the good stuff, like #1 draft picks, was already gone, but how about a #2?
  2. I'm late! I hope it was a good day! Only 364 days 'til the next one, now.
  3. I cannot remember the last time LFC were so comprehensively mauled at Anfield. That was embarrassing. Shame.
  4. Oh, look, a band who knows what they're doing with the nostalgia releases. The Chateau d'Herouville Sessions was a great blast from the not-quite-how-it-happened past.
  5. I assume Sacramento is a shorter trip, if you wanted to catch a game? Think about the homers Langaliers can hit in a minor league park!
  6. Sounds like everyone's enthusiasm is waning.
  7. Plus, you've got all those conflicted loyalties . . . right?
  8. It couldn't hurt to listen to more of her catalog, but I don't know you'll find many revelatory gems in there. She had a style ("gimmick" if you're feeling uncharitable) and much of her work is in that vein. It is that style, though, that made her larger than the sum of her songs; her look, the "tragic artist" trope; her being "of the moment" when mid-century was having a revival (early Adele, Mad Men, etc.), the possibility of really good drag looks -- she was famous in a way that transcended just the music. My $.02.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/08/europe/chechnya-music-ban-scli-intl Chechnya bans all music deemed too fast or too slow >>Minister of Culture Musa Dadayev announced the decision to limit all musical, vocal and choreographic compositions to a tempo ranging from 80 to 116 beats per minute (BPM) at a meeting Friday, the Russian state new agency TASS reported.<<
  10. Preach, brother! Yes; if it's a foul in the first minute, it's a foul in the last minute.
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