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  1. I've said it before and I will say it again: I love HYF. The mixing is what it is but the softness feels very comforting to me. HYF in it's entirety puts me in a creative mood. Most songs are energetic and beautiful, and the bass lines are delicious. Tai Shan has a different feel to it than the previous songs on the album but usually I listen to it as well.
  2. Yet another graphic novel. The Twilight Man : Rod Serling and the Birth of Television by Koren Shadmi. This one's very easy to recommend! https://www.humanoids.com/y_catalog/book?id=918
  3. Mooncakes by Wendy Xu and Suzanne Walker. A graphic novel that gives a warm and cozy feeling. https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Mooncakes/Suzanne-Walker/9781549303043
  4. Signals is one of the top 2 Rush albums for me. It's excellent. By the way, I'd like to see a Dalmatian emoji on TRF.
  5. Earl Palmer is #1. Clyde Stubblefield, Ziggy Modeliste, Bonzo, Art Blakey, Jo Jones, just to name a few others I like. There are a lot of great drummers out there like Abe Laboriel Jr. and Stanley Randolph as well.
  6. Thank you for sharing these memories. Here on the other side of the great Atlantic Ocean these natural disasters were watched in TV news, and I can only imagine how terrifying these hurricanes were.
  7. Recently, I've given both CA and VT a new try. They're both clearly better than I remembered. One of the problems in them is that many songs that start catchy fade into weaker melody lines as the song continue. That's not so much the case with S&A or CP (that are easily in my top 10), the melodies are more solid in them in general. Both CA and VT are the first Rush albums that I tested when doing a workout at the gym. A lot of energy but nothing that would distract me for a longer while, works fine! I prefer CA so far, though. (Both CP and S&A would make me lose focus, I love them.)
  8. Happy, happy Birthday, PJ Bear! Many happy returns!
  9. Since reading The Notebook I read two other Nicholas Sparks novels (Message in a Bottle and Nights in Rodanthe), and I'm currently reading The Rescue. What can be said about these books? The storylines and many details are overtly calculated, and there are themes and surroundings that keep coming up from novel to novel (not in good or bad). North Carolina, losing someone, surviving as a single parent, being surprised by love, insecurities, storms, seaside, sex. Working part time in a library. The beauty of nature. Sparks is good at observing human gestures and body language and describing everyday life and worries. He knows how to write an entertaining story that's easy to relax with. Nothing larger than life, but writing a romantic novel that will not completely bore the reader to death is a skill. (While I was reading these books I did some Google searches on the different places that the stories locate in. Rodanthe and the Outer Banks area in NC seem very beautiful. I love seashores, so these surroundings are a real plus to me. Travelling through stories is nice.)
  10. My top 5 Rush albums listing pretty much consist of the same albums, but in the top 3 the albums rotate. I've grown to understand that for me it's impossible and unimportant to choose just one album that would be #1. There's rotation inside my top 10 as well, but some albums have so far never reached top 10, and I'm unsure if they ever will. But never say never. My top 10 at the moment in no particular order: Signals 2112 Hold Your Fire Hemispheres Counterparts Snakes & Arrows Permanent Waves Moving Pictures Grace Under Pressure A Farewell to Kings
  11. Happy Birthday Entre_Perpetuo! I wish you really enjoy this birthday, and many many more to come!
  12. Happy Birthday IbanezJem! I hope your special day is filled with the things you love!
  13. I got a new, skilled bass teacher! The one I had was very nice as well, but I had to take a train and travel two hours to get there and two hours to come home. The new one teaches in the city I live in, so it takes about ten minutes to walk there. I will now have lessons twice a month so as I do my homework my playing should be advancing a lot.
  14. Rush is the number one rock band for me. I found them in my adulthood, having been listening to a wide variety of music. I still do, and I'm constantly open for finding new music that inspires me. I don't care about genres. I've loved music since I was a kid, and been super passionate about it since my early teens. Finding Rush was very surprising because I didn't have any big favorite rock bands earlier. A lot of the music I have been digging has pretty much been in the margins or has been based on other kinds of concepts - accordion players in zydeco & cajun, blues guitarists, other instrumentalists, early rhythm'n'blues shouters, jazz bands, or artists with a group of super skilled musicians backing them (like Little Richard, James Brown). As I had spent most of my time somewhere on the back roads and front porches the idea of a stadium rock band was something quite new to me, personally, as I found Rush. But essentially, Rush is not about big audiences. Rush is the #1 of all rock bands because of their musicianship, musical content, feel and imagination. I love their whole catalogue. Overall, lyrics in music have never been so relevant for me. I prefer rhythm, harmony, sound and energy to stories. In music there has to be frenzy, something wild. Sometimes it's subtle and restraint, sometimes lound and bombastic. No matter if it's Charlie Feathers singing I Guess I'm Crazy, Sam Baker moaning You Can't See the Blood, Vulfpeck jamming in Dean Town, or Gary Moore playing live almost anything, it's the energy combined with a lot of skill and beauty that attract me.
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