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  1. fine we'll go back to Midnights.......you want grossly overrated Whew boy. Mick
  2. But.......but............Queen are overrated.........cause........you said it.........RIGHT HUH?????? HUH???????????????????????? i'm sorry you fascinate me with Queen. Claiming you enjoy them while STILL taking jabs at every turn Well........i'm here to say buddy on behalf of the Queen fans and our leader EP.......join the fandom or don't but..........PICK ONE!!!!!! you wishy washy crumpet sucker ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! WHEW........that felt good Mick
  3. Muse-Black Holes And Revelations (10/10) in a lot of ways i miss this version of the band. Just a straight ahead rock band. Before programmced beats mostly took over the rhythm Section. Before Matt got on the conspiracy theory angle heavily. I know they'll never make an album like this again but gosh i miss it. Mick
  4. Lindsey is the ENTIRE reason i got into Fleetwod Mac. my fav guitarist. Mick
  5. Muse-The 2nd Law (7/10) Panic Station is Muse Deciding hey you know what's missing in music these days? NEW JACK SWING!!!!! let's try that. And it's the weirdest f***ing thing i've ever heard, lol THIS BAND IS BIZARRE EP!!!!!!!! Mick
  6. Pete's first 2 albums are really good and i love them. But he flips a switch on Melt......that album is......wow. Mick
  7. Opera. Fantastic album. Graffiti is Zeppelin at their noodling worst. it bores me. Mick
  8. Reo Speedwagon-You Can Tune A Fish (10/10) remind me how this band wasn't a fav at one time? Mick
  9. seen em twice dude they do 3 and a half hours and it's amazing!!!!!! Mick
  10. Eagles-Hotel California (10/10) Call this album overplayed but great is great. Mick
  11. Love enchant. They are labeled prog but their heart is in AOR. Mick
  12. What do you think of Enchant. They came up in the 90's prog revival but their melodic sensibilities are firmly grounded in AOR. Ted Leonerd (the singer) is essentially Steve Perry meets Steve Walsh, lol Mick
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