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  1. adore is pretty good i'll have to play it again. I remember at the time it was pretty out of left field. The new Pumpkins albums have pretty much taken the electronic thing asnd ran with it. Mick
  2. Smashing Pumpkins. granted i only like the first 3 records but they're awesome so i really don't need the rest. There is something some warm about the early wall of guitars era pumpkins. Then Mellon Collie is just one of the most diverse double albums ever. f**k Nirvana when there's this. (this shot at nirvana was paid for by myself) Mick
  3. Smashing Pumpkins-Siamease Dream (10/10) boy they may have about three albums of great matierial in total. but what a trio!!!!!! Mick
  4. From Gish to Mellon Collie is is the best Pumpkins. nothing they would do has lived up. and the reunion of (most of) the original line up has been.......weird, lol Mick
  5. Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (9/10) I remember finding this in one of my bro's old CD books. it's big it's bloated it's loud. But i can't tell you how many vacations i brought this on and just got lost in it. SP is an underrated band with me. Mick
  6. burn my Eyes would i guess kinda qualify. but i think if you want the best they have to offer.......The blackening. it's the album that made me a fan again after i fell off. cause boy did they have a suck-age era in between, lol Mick
  7. Still Trivium. I've been hooked on metal but these guys have really stood out this go around. Mick
  8. the problem with BHN is their all great 3 to 4 minute pop/rock songs stretched to ungodly lengths. But to me every song is really good and a lot are catchy to boot. Mick
  9. be here now is killer. no matter what folk say. Mick
  10. Trivium. 1. The Sin and the Sentence 2. What The Dead Men Say 3. Silence In The Snow 4. Shogun 5. In The Court of the Dragon 6. In Waves 7. Ascendency 8. Vengeance Falls 9. The Crusade 10. Ember to Inferno I want to point out here......NO Trivium album is bad but i really dig this more melodic almost commercial kick the've been on since about Silence. It IS a bit same-y and they seem to have found a groove but damn it it's a SWEET ass groove. Mick they can make a billion more albums like these i won't care. lol,
  11. Slipknot-The End So Far. Well. what a let down. I've played it twice and for Slipknot it's just.......boring. I know this is the last album with their label......and it sounds it. boy does it ever. There are shining moments. Yen (great track) Hive Mind Medicine For the Dead Finale However it's got some really bad stuff. Adderall (such a terrible sleepy opener....way to get me hyped....sigh, lol) Warranty(Awful) and than the rest is just forgettable. After WANYK this is so disappointing. Mick
  12. Trivium. Actually really just 3 albums. Silence in the Snow The Sin and the Sentence What the Dead Men say. I haven't played any more Trivium and don't need too realy, lol Mick
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