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  1. 1. AC/DC is so much fun. but it's hard to say i enjoy them more. since they literally copy/past their albums. Judas priest at least have tried stuff. granted to varying degrees of success but at least they try. 2. Having said what i did BiB crushes British Steel for me. no contest here. 3. Halford is one of my fav vocalists ever. so easy choice. 4. Steely Dan. Mick
  2. i did. Segue's off his game. old Segue would hop a plane to hump your leg over this Mick
  3. i'm not even mad about midnights.' COLDPLAY IS BETTER THAN RADIOHEAD?????????????????????????????????? GO IN TIME OUT AND I DON'T WANNA HEAR FROM TILL YOU THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!!!!! HEAD DOWN IT'S QUIET TIME!!!!!!!!!!! coldplay is if disney bought the rights to Radiohead. Mick
  4. you're such a gay-bo hold on let me get my lipstick out my purse lol Mick
  5. Backstreet Boys-Milennium yea........regular old girl over here lol Mick
  6. Richard Marx-Repeat Offender. Great Cheesy AOR/pop I love him. Mick
  7. Phil Collins-No Jacket Required Not my fav Phil album......BUT it was kinda the perfect album at the perfect time. Mick
  8. Never got his dislike of Viva loved it since release day. Mick
  9. shhhhhhhh you had to say it didn't you the stupid debate drives me up a wall.......like it's important, lol Mick
  10. that'd a mentality i hate (not saying you have it, lol) but it's one that pushes my buttons. add genesis in there. but i'm a total mark for that era of the band, lol Mick
  11. treeduck...he claims to be metal all the time. But he's faking cause this is the most metal album ever and he can't handle it. it's above his understanding. Mick
  12. Gordon Lightfoot-Sundown. The start of my fav trilogy of albums of his. Sundown, Cold on the Shoulder, Summertime Dream. the mid to late 70's polish that happens to all singer/songwriters happens here but it works on him. Mick
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