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  1. This album always makes me think of the crush my dad used to have on Nancy. My brother and I watched MTV a lot back then. If he was within earshot when a Heart video came on, he would always come into the living room and watch just so he could see Nancy 😄
  2. The Serpent and The King has been starting to get some decent rotation on Siris XMs liquid metal. I've heard Invincible Shield get played a few times as well. I'm happy that there's still a "radio" station out there playing new metal from legendary bands instead of thinking that they haven't done anything of note in the last 35 years like regular radio does these days.
  3. LA, New York, Nashville and Toronto are sold out now. Toronto sold out twice. They originally booked a 900 capacity venue which is too small for them at this point, then they upgraded the venue to a 1,400 capacity and it sold out again. Not sure how Pittsburgh isn't sold out since that place only fits 380. Still not sure why they would book a place that small. Maybe they had a day to fill on the road and figured what the hell.
  4. They reached 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify yesterday. And Dany celebrated by having a live chat on Patreon yesterday while she was working on Patreon rewards. So work never stops for her. Tickets for their US tour went on sale today. Due to the incompetence of their booking agency putting them in venues that are way too small for them in some areas, anyone who wants to go see them might want to get on that right away.
  5. I'm not even a fan of hers. I just know the big hits. I couldn't even tell you if I know Treat Me Right or You Better Run just by reading the song title. But I know what Shadows Of The Night sounds like instantly even though I probably haven't heard that song in many years before this poll was created.
  6. The vocal mixing is atrocious during the chorus. I can't make out a single word Floor is saying in it besides the song title and I've heard the song about ten times now. It's good they have that soft part at the end where Troy's voice is nice and clear and I can actually hear what the words to the chorus are. How can you bury a voice as glorious as Floor's like that and be perfectly fine with it?
  7. What? That was one of her highest charting songs. It may have went to number one.
  8. If they played Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse or Albany I believe they would get a really good turnout because they would be drawing fans from all over the state who live outside of NYC. There is also the close proximity to southern Ontario so they could get people to come down from Canada who might not want to deal with the traffic going to Toronto to see them. They could probably get a few fans from northern PA too. It's just strange to me that an entire state is just being ignored like that when they've done so much touring in the US. Yes, NYC is huge but there's more to New York than that.
  9. I think the new song is good but I'm not blown away by it in any way.
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