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  1. If Marko doesn't come back I can definitely see the band ending within the next few years. Tuomas's writing sounds more inspired with Auri than it did on the last Nightwish album. Perhaps that's where his future in music is. Floor is coming out with a solo album next year. If it's good and takes off for her, she could very well decide to leave too. Which there's a decent chance of since she's already well established with a big fan base (much bigger than Tarja or Annette when they were let go) and has that to build off of right away. Definitely uncertain times for this band.
  2. What bothered me with the newest album was continuing on with the "hooray mother nature" theme. They did a great job of exploring it on Endless Forms but didn't really need to double down on the theme for a whole other album.
  3. Love The Tea Party. Been a fan since Edges Of Twilight. I live close to Canada and was able to pick up some radio stations from there and that's how I found out about them. Don't think I would know who they were otherwise. Outside of border cities, the never made a dent in the US.
  4. Floor is coming out with a solo album and Tuomas has Auri now along with various other musical projects. So, maybe they won't last much longer. Marco returning will definitely make their future seem more certain. I hope he comes to peace with the issues that caused him to leave and finds his way back to the band. Floor seems a bit sad sometimes with him not there. Also, what's up with Tuomas being at center stage and Kai on the side? Strange setup.
  5. Good quality recording from the current tour. Everyone sounds great but there is obviously a big hole with Marco not being there.
  6. It's weird, even though Deftones are popular I can't recall ever hearing anything from them on the radio. I would have still been listening to the radio regularly during the time they would have been at their popularity peak. Yet nothing comes to mind when I hear the name.
  7. Or, you know, don't be f***ing idiots and set off pyrotechnics in a small club to begin with.
  8. They're not that forgotten. Unfortunately, they will always be remembered for that tragic nightclub fire 20 years ago that killed one of their band members and a hundred fans. Radio used to play Rock Me and Once Bitten Twice Shy a good amount. I wouldn't doubt that classic rock stations still do since they favor familiarity over variety.
  9. Ha! That's the only era of Bon Jovi I like. I do think Cooper did that style better then a lot of others. Motley Crue was a gateway band for me when it came to the metal sound. Once I discovered how many bands did it better I stopped listening to them and never looked back. I guess Bon Jovi was like that for me too. Poison is just a good time party band. If I was out somewhere and one of their songs started playing I wouldn't object at all.
  10. North American tour with Mastodon and Spiritbox announced yesterday. Unfortunately, it's not coming here which has become the norm now that Ghost is an arena band. https://blabbermouth.net/news/ghost-announces-summer-2022-u-s-tour-with-mastodon-and-spiritbox
  11. I don't even consider that whole period for him as glam metal. He definitely went that way on Trash but I think the other three albums are more of a standard metal sound that was popular at the time.
  12. Dickinson too. He's losing his higher range over the last few tours but can still sing at level that is more than acceptable. I know Alice Cooper doesn't have crazy range as a singer but he's been touring almost non stop for the last 35 years and at 74 he still has his voice.
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