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  1. It was a festival and they weren't the headliners. I think Ozzy and Disturbed we're. So, people gather to check out the band and see if they like them. I don't know why the person threw something on stage. I don't even remember exactly what it was. Maybe an empty water bottle or beer cup? A lot of people may not have even noticed it and all they heard was the singer bitching at the crowd and that's why the people got mad and booed. It could have been someone who didn't like them or just a drunk person being an idiot as inebriated people often are. He had every right to be upset but complaining in front of 15,000 people probably isn't going to get a favorable reaction unless you're Bruce Dickinson.
  2. Are they? So the rest of their songs aren't as boring as the Seeing Red one is? From what I remember, somebody threw something on stage. The singer said it that happened again they were leaving. The crowd booed that which pissed him off even more, so he said something else that angered the crowd and they went into the next song and they kept booing. So, they left the stage. I thought it was awesome since I was beyond sick of Seeing Red getting played every five seconds on the radio and of course the whole rarity of getting to see a band get booed off stage.
  3. Chevelle got booed off stage at an Ozzfest I went to about 20 years ago.
  4. I honestly have no clue how they're viewed over here in the US. I don't pay attention to publications and the only fan interaction I have is with the ones on this forum. The reason I said that about the festival spots is because it looks to me like they're seen as just a band who can fill a spot in the middle of the day at one of these shows when I see where they're placed on them. I just thought they were kind of at a certain level and they never really rose up from that. But if younger fans are starting to find them in Europe maybe that will change a bit for them and they can have a later career resurgence.
  5. I don't think the second show in Mexico City was a complete sell out. But the first one was. Something like 55,000 people. I believe the shows in Monterey and Guadalajara were sell outs. I think those were 15-20 thousand people.
  6. Not really. Evanescence is opening for Muse for a entire North American tour. The Warning only did four shows in Mexico opening for Muse. Being from Mexico played a big part in them getting to do that. If The Warning was on the North America tour, they would still play before Evanescence.
  7. But has Lacuna Coil really remained that relevant to the metal community? They've been at this for over 25 years yet they don't get above a mid level spot on these European metal festivals. Even in a continent where metal is king they don't seem to hold them in that high of regard. Evanescence is just sad at this point. Blew it all on their debut and have never come close to matching it. It's obvious that Ben Moody was the songwriting force for that band. It also doesn't help that Amy takes forever between albums. They've had four albums in 20 years? Yeah, no wonder they can't escape being a nostalgia band. They release new albums slower than AC/DC does.
  8. I'm not surprised Lacuna Coil didn't get bigger. I don't think they had the songs with mass appeal to them. Plus, I knew many people who didn't listen to them because they didn't care for the male vocals even though it seems like most of those people liked Cristina a lot. Within Temptation should have been much bigger in North America. They have those mass appeal songs. They have always had melodic pop hooks. Songs like Stand My Ground, Memories, Angels, Frozen, All I Need, Faster and a number of others should have been huge hits.
  9. Really? That was back when both of them were super hot. I mean they're still very good looking now but the 2006 version of them? Come on!
  10. Joakim is a huge history buff, so we do learn stuff in Sabaton's lyrics. I always enjoy them whenever I listen but the lack of variety in the song style leads to me to not go back to them for a while even though there's no denying the epic catchiness of their songs.
  11. Lux took a handful of tries for me to really like it. This song I liked right away. Definitely another song that was made to be a single. Once again this sounds like something from Reload.
  12. I didn't think there was a way to make that Pantera album sound any more aggressive but I think you just found one 😄
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