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  1. Megadeth - The Sick, The Dying and The Dead Machine Head - Of Kingdom and Crown Within Temptation - Resist
  2. I haven't even listened to them since before everything happened with him. So, I don't know if this has affected my enjoyment of the music or not.
  3. Have you seen this about John Schafer? https://blabbermouth.net/news/district-of-columbia-attorneys-struggling-to-find-iced-earth-guitarist-jon-schaffer
  4. I guess you could try their first album Burn My Eyes if you're looking for something more straightforward from them. But Through The Ashes Of Empires, The Blackening and Unto The Locust are considered their best albums in general. The Blackening is widely regarded as their masterpiece. Machine Head is always in your face though. They're aggressive, heavy and yes, can be a bit experimental. Think if Pantera added progressive elements into what they did.
  5. I was not aware this was their last album with the label. So, it does make sense to me that the album is very underwhelming. Usually they take four or five years between albums. But if they needed to get something out before the contract expired, I guess this is what we get when the band isn't allowed to take the time they need. I'm kind of glad this is a letdown. There have been several new releases this year that I really like and it would have been a pain in the ass listening wise to add time for another good one 😄
  6. I call bullshit on you listening to these three on the same day. The total time has to be more than 24 hours 😂
  7. Too bad this was never a tour just so I could see the look on a Rush fans face while Lamb Of God played 😂
  8. Everyone loved Locust when it was released. Most fans thought there was no better way to follow up on The Blackening. When I saw them on that tour everyone sang the songs off it at the top of their lungs.
  9. I think expectations were too high for Bloodstones following the three previous albums. So, when it didn't hit anywhere near that for a lot of fans they kind of had a meh reaction to it.
  10. I really like Omega. Nothing has changed there since it was released last year. I'm really digging the new Machine Head more with each listen. Nothing will ever touch The Blackening. But I can put this right there with Ashes Of Empires and Locust which are my two favorites after that. As for Lorna Shore, sometimes metal goes down a path that I don't feel is necessary or good for the genre. This style, being ultra heavy and aggressive just to do it and the horrid vocals is the reason a lot of people have a bad view of metal. The only thing that makes the genre look worse is old school black metal.
  11. There are cookie cutter metal bands with pop punk vocals? I'm afraid I've never heard any of that before. Still it probably sounds better than the pig being slaughtered style vocals Lorna Shore has 😄
  12. Ozzy - Patient Number 9 The Warning - Queen Of The Murder Scene The Warning - ERROR
  13. There was a big void left after Pantera was done. Lamb Of God filled that particular void quite nicely.
  14. I saw you call it that once before but I couldn't let it slide a second time 😄
  15. I watched the one recently where he talked about an interview Tobias Forge of Ghost had where he mentioned how touring is a pain in the ass right now. Justin agreed with it saying that it was true with there being only so many tour buses to go around and attendance is suffering at some shows because of too many bands on the road and inflation making everything cost more. On a related note, I read an interview with Frank Bello of Anthrax where he mentioned the reason the band cancelled their European tour this year is because the budget ended up being three times what it was when they booked it last year. Inflation is a real bitch over there right now. They can do the UK but not the rest of Europe.
  16. If you love the album so much then you should know that it's just Sacrament. There is no "the" 😄
  17. Ozzy - Patient Number 9 Machine Head - Of Kingdom and Crown Ghost - Impera Ghost - Meliora
  18. Have you heard Corey Taylor's other band Stone Sour? They're really good too. More of a straightforward hard rock/metal sound than Slipknot. There's a few albums from them like Come What(ever) May and House Of Gold and Bones Part 1 that I think are just as good as anything Slipknot has done.
  19. The new season has started. I've noticed with this show that I have to mentally prepare myself for a day or two before watching because I need time to get ready for the dark path this show always takes you down. I don't recall ever doing that for any other TV show. That being said, I'm off to watch the new episode now.
  20. I believe singing along to the first four Slipknot albums is the reason I can't do a metal growl/scream anymore. I didn't use any kind of technique when singing along with them back then and it screwed my voice up years down the road. Not that I was some vocal virtuoso to begin with anyways 😄 I'm glad you liked We Are Not Your Kind. I lean towards that being my favorite album of theirs. Everything they do well seemed to come together perfectly on that one.
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