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  1. I thought of you, tick, when I saw this: QUOTE Syrinx in popular culture In the song "10001110101" by Clutch, The Temple of Syrinx is said to be having the bake sale of the year. Wikipedia
  2. physics23

    The Speed Of Love

    To follow up on clearingsky's comment regarding the title being a clever twist on the speed of light: Neil is drawing an analogy between the physical properties of light - which can be measured, quantified, and whose behavior can be predicted - and the physical properties of love. As with most any work of poetry, there is rarely a single layer of meaning to the words of Neil's songs. Love is born with lightning bolts Electro-magnetic force Even though it is a completely natural occurrence, a component of our biology, there is no reason to regard love with any less wonder. The fact that a lightning storm is a perfectly common and understable phenomenon of stmospheric electric discharge makes it no less an awe-inspiring sight.
  3. physics23

    The Speed Of Love

    It's better than "You Bet Your Life."
  4. HA, nice poll, Pratt. But you also forgot the rabbi. My vote went to Newman. I'll never forget the episode when he's driving the truck and it catches on fire.
  5. In sharing your mom's memory with us, we each absorb a small piece of her special goodness. I thank you for that privilege. You are fortunate to have had such a special relationship, and your inspirational words make me cherish the loving bond I have with my own mom.
  6. FRANK: Let me understand. You got the hen, the chicken, and the rooster. The rooster goes with the chicken. So, who's having sex with the hen?
  7. That's a really beautiful sig, GG.
  8. Jerry: Hey, Kramer if I killed somebody would you turn me in? Kramer: Definitely. Jerry: You're kidding- Kramer: No, no, I would turn you in. Jerry: You would turn me in? Kramer: Phwap, I wouldn't even think about it. Jerry: I can't believe you're a friend of mine. Kramer: What kind of person are you going around killing people? Jerry: Well, I'm sure I had a good reason. Kramer: Well if you'll kill this person, who's to say I wouldn't be next? Jerry: But you know me! Kramer: I thought I DID!
  9. Welcome to TRF, MiriyaB. If I may be so bold, who are "tipex" whom you list as one of your favorite bands?
  10. QUOTE (anagramking @ Jan 20 2006, 08:49 AM) Not from an acutal episode, but a pretty funny parody: http://www.frankcaliendo.com/high_bandwidt...ent_center.html Click on the "animation" box (the stack of three boxes that are marked video, animation, and audio), and enjoy. Great job with the voices.
  11. http://www.moishes.com/images/toydrive_truck.jpg
  12. I'll start with what's probably the easiest one. 1. Guns n' Roses Lower left corner, those bottles with roses and rifles in 'em.
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