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    Sneaking into the empty area of the upper deck at reunion arena looking directly down at Neil during the drum solo of the MP tour. Got caught just as they went back into YYZ. Then sneaking down to the buses after the show and meeting Alex and Geddy. How Neil got past us we'll never know!
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  1. (4) Cowboys Fans 2023 - Scooter Magruder | Facebook
  2. Where the party is going to be, and who the local fun girls are.
  3. RUSH wins back-to-back games as an underdog! D stepped up again and Lamb is starting to play like 88 is supposed to. I smell a QB controversy coming. LOL
  4. Thanks everyone! I took the week off and slept till 3 every day. Yesterday I had second row seats to Ann Wilson, Jeff Beck and ZZ Top. What a great show. Had never seen Ann or Jeff before, and ZZ Top seem to have finally figured out how to sound good live. LOL For years they sounded like hammered S. Billy G and Frank Beard still have it, though Frank looks like he's doing a dead lift most of time, but he's spot on. Ann stole the show though, she's plump but still powerful, delivered all the hits, and only skipped a few high notes. She covered Love rain o're me, and even Bowie's Let's dance. Amazing.
  5. Well, at least we get to see RUSH on a Cowboy uniform again. LOL The Bengals have their problems and RUSH has a win in the NFL. I'm taking the 7 points with Dem Boys.
  6. Looks like the youth movement is working. I'm thinking it's another SB year.
  7. Well, the D was better but Dak sucked balls. He just constantly tried to force the ball to 88 who was quadruple covered the whole game, ignoring the open man and was inaccurate which will happen, we knew it when we drafted him. Now that he can no longer run the ball effectively, and the O line is weak, I'm afraid he's done. Which means the Cowboys are done until the O line is fixed, and we might as well be looking to draft a QB as well.
  8. The Bucs have OL problems too and lots of injuries. Anything can happen....
  9. Now that would be bad. I suppose the Shegulls could improve yet again. Hopefully the OL will improve before Dak gets hurt and we can build in the second half. The D will almost certainly be better.
  10. I'm so glad he's out of Dallas. After falsely claiming Aikman was gay, he literally got run out of town. He couldn't keep air in his tires.
  11. I'll give it a listen. I'm seeing Beck next month in between Ann Wilson and ZZTop. First time seeing Wilson and Beck and looking forward to it very much. Probably the last time I'll see ZZTop also, I hung out with those guys when I was like 10 at The Wintergarden in E Dallas. They played NYE there for years.
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