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  1. I had Tabasco on my eggs this morning, and some Franks Red Hot on my beef taquitos a little while ago. I will probably always consider Tabasco the best because I grew up on it, but Franks has a lot of flavor, has a nice heat signature and the only criticism I have of it is that it has too much sugar in it. Cholula is better than Franks in the same general category. Tabasco is kind of in its own category. I'm also a big fan of Pace Picante Chunky Medium. I won't make nachos without it.
  2. While I appreciate mustard in general, all varieties of mustard suite me for the most part. But I much prefer `the mustard that Al and Ged apply to their instruments when playing.
  3. I'm quite sure the NRA could KYA, but they are not at all likely to unless you give them a very good reason.
  4. Cowboys have some important injuries on D and at TE. I'm going to stick with the reverse curse and pick the 69'rs. A Cowboys win will have me bouncing off the walls.
  5. I got the news of David Crosby's death today and it makes me sad, even though he had a much longer life than there was any reason to expect. I had the very strange experience of meeting Mr. Crosby on Jan 28, 1986, the day of the Challenger disaster, in the Dallas Co. jail. I had been in jail for a couple of weeks and Crosby was there having turned himself in on a gun charge that he had been on the run from for several years. Crosby was an inpatient in the jail hospital drying out from whatever drug addiction he was currently battling, (probably heroin) and I was down there to see a doctor as I was ill. In between the inpatient and outpatient areas was a large glass window. While I was waiting for the doctor to call on me, Crosby shuffled up to the window looking like death on a cracker. He waved me over to the window and pointed at the TV which of course was showing the Challenger explosion, about the only thing that was on TV that day and which I had already seen about 100 times. I shook my head and shrugged, and he responded in kind. I silently mouthed "I love your art" and put my fist to my chest, which he seemed to understand and smiled and mouthed "thank you". he put his hand to the window, and I responded in kind, and we had a bit of a moment. I started singing Wooden Ships and he responded with the middle harmony (of course) and though I knew it would bring the guards in there I couldn't stop. I was singing harmony with David Crosby! It lasted about 30 seconds before the guards put a stop to it by pulling me back to my seat. Crosby just walked away from the window, still singing and I continued singing as well. The guards were not impressed, but the nurse that came to see me was. She said, "Wow you can really sing", i said, "yeah, I know". LOL
  6. Hey, Tom Brady is the best mouth kisser a teenaged son could ever wish for!
  7. Nothing would make me happier. We should unleash the pass rush and make Brady boo hoo.
  8. Not sure I agree. The KSC's can pour it on like anybody. They may not be the most physical team in the league, but what they do, they do like nobody else. I like their chances again this year, I'll be rooting for them, as my Cowboys are going exactly nowhere.
  9. I'm extremely conflicted and frustrated by the fact that both McCaffery and Purdy are playing and so very well for SF. They are both so fun to watch play and easy to look at that I can't help but root for them, but that means SF is going to do well. Dam it!!!
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