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  1. “Digital Man”: Geddy Lee & Neil Peart (Isolated Bass and Drums) – No Treble Also shows how busy Ged is and how much restraint Niel could have.
  2. It's impossible to look good with a beard that looks like 1960's pubic hair.
  3. The Stars are trying hard to be 'that fing team' again this year.
  4. Post your laments, dirges and observations here. I'll start: YOU'RE OLD BITCH!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!
  5. Moving Pictures tour, second of three shows, Reunion Arena, Dallas. Had seats in the upper deck, Ged's side. When YYZ started I got up and made my way around to the empty part of the upper deck behind the stage. Managed to make it unnoticed down to the bottom rung looking directly down on Neil. Just as his solo ended, I felt a tap on the shoulder. "Go back to your seat" was all he said. I backflipped all the way, though I was hoping to stay there the rest of the show.
  6. He's a fictional TV doctor played by Hugh Laurie. Of Black Adder fame.
  7. Go on then Lorraine, through the astral door, to soar... soar...soar... soar... You made time spent here much more pleasant.
  8. IDK, but he's wearing Claypool's hat and glasses. LMAO!
  9. They eat themselves, horses, armchairs, cannelloni... :drool: Are you suggesting...eating my mother? :yes: And larks' tongues, wrens' livers, chaffinch brains, jaguars' earlobes... F*ck off. I'm full. I couldn't eat another thing. I'm absolutely stuffed. Bugger off. :wacko: I hope you're going to enjoy me this evening, I'm the special. Try me with some rice! To be perfectly frank, I like my meat a little more lean. I'd rather eat Sun&Moon. :drool: What flavour is it? :blush: Flavour? It's not any bloody flavour is it? It's bloody sea bird flavor! But it is lovingly garnished with Larks vomit.
  10. Rush's Geddy Lee to Guest Star on 'Murdoch Mysteries' | Exclaim! I'm thinking he'll do very well. Seemed like a natural in the concert vids.
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