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  1. All done. As soon as there is enough finished, let's discuss.
  2. Half done. Neil really tells a great story. Look for this chapter at 60%, called Time Capsule.
  3. The pictures are wonderful. Moschback is a pretty darn good photographer.
  4. Over a quarter done. They mentioned about meeting at some store north of Toronto, That particular store is right down the street from me.
  5. Some groups comment as they go, others wait to comment until they have finished it and usually have a set time before they allow others to post spoilers for those who aren't finished. Since Barney Rebel started the thread, what do you suggest? I am getting ready to start it this weekend. Deadline of a month is probably enough. Then we'll discuss.
  6. Alright. Reading has started. The photos are just wonderful in this book.
  7. Hey Barn. Really hoped this kinda thing wouldn't be a topic of discussion. Life eh? We need to bring back those parody threads,
  8. looks like it's "Far and Wide: Bring that Horizon to Me." I'd be okay with that. I've only read Roadshow and Ghost Rider.
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