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    June 14 2015, Palace of Auburn Hills
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    I love them all.
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    all of them - depends on my mood
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    Meeting Digi here on TRF. Meeting Geddy. Picks&Sticks, Rushcon5&6&15, Vegas,Baby! Hanging with the Admin in Cinci! PAGSCON2&3, Kylecon II, TRF peeps well met: LIX, IlSnowdog,RiflemanWI, Sullysue,Rushman14,Digi,chaotica,RR,Mike2112,73, GhostGirl,netgirl,ladirushfan80,BarneyRebel,signals1982,MidwayHawker,Pedro2112, RolindaBonz,Sark,TheMaskedDrummer,DaveyT,D13,Flybynightgirl,Necromancer, Vincent,CeeJ,TheGangsterofBoats,blonde77th,GhostofaRider,Test4VitalSigns,Tammeh,Bardan, CygnustheGodofBalance,rickyrob,circumstantialtree,Cygnalschick,GrandpaGrizz,Rushgrrrl, BastilleNight,CygnusX1Bk2,Draconator,Julie,LaFellaStrangiato,Trace,SodoffBaldrick,AlienGirl, PrimeMoverandShaker,WideAngleWatcher,ImmortalforaLimitedTime,Hemisteve,Huskerspheres, YaBigTree,GeddysMullet,Rendclaw,krlowe(onhis21stbday)Pags,Owlswing,PassTheAmmunition, Slacker,Tick,DifferentStrings,Troutman,OnTheRoad,Natch,HatchetteAxe&Saw,QueenoftheMegadon, TheSweetScience,Failte,Chicklette,Rushette101 & MORE
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    Pink Floyd, The Who, The Doors, The Hip, Tom Petty, The classic stuff
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    Air Drums, Air Guitar - I'm pretty good too :D
  1. This is my first time with a book club. How far do we go? What's the process?
  2. First, my condolences on your profound personal loss in addition to the grief we all share for our beloved Professor. Welcome to your new brother and sisters in arms. I hope you find healing and peace, and eventually joy with the wonderful people of TRF.
  3. I'm in with Far & Wide - I haven't read it yet. All the others, I have.
  4. Virtual group hug, you guys. I love you guys - All 3! Thank you for giving us TRF. The LOVE here is beyond measure.
  5. Thanks, Mike for giving us this place, and keeping it going. Thanks Mike - I love you! This place was such a gift.
  6. Gutted to the core. f**k CANCER. The man defined my life with his lyrics. I just can't.
  7. And will be that way again today - but lets throw in some high winds for funzies.
  8. Legubrious. :sigh: Significantly so, since my phone posted twice. :D
  9. Just curious if anyone has plans to attend?? We saw Lotus Land at the Hard Rock Cafe at Rushcon
  10. When you're involved on the forum, and people get to know you, they can make suggestions for a member title that suits you - It's a priviledge and an honour, :finbar: Just like getting an emoticon named after you :sundog:
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