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  1. Definitely MP for me, if not PW. Alas my first Rush gig was the Signals tour so I just missed out!
  2. As much as it pains me that we’ll never hear another totally new release from the boys, or witness one of their shows, I would feel very disappointed if they did anything new as Rush. In fact, both Alex and Ged have always come over as pretty much always making right and honest decisions career wise in the past that I would be absolutely astonished if they did. We should just be thankful and grateful that we happened to be on this earth at the same time as Rush, and enjoy the amazing catalogue of truly inspiring music that they left us with. No one can take that away.
  3. All great songs but Bangkok has the edge for me
  4. Three for me - Signals, Roll The Bones and R30. Amazing every time.
  5. "Static on your frequency Electrical storm in your veins Raging at unreachable glory Straining at invisible chains And now you're trembling on a rocky ledge Staring down into a heartless sea Can't face life on a razor's edge Nothing's what you thought it would be All of us get lost in the darkness Dreamers learn to steer by the stars All of us do time in the gutter Dreamers turn to look at the cars Turn around and turn around and turn around Turn around and walk the razor's edge Don't turn your back And slam the door on me ... It's not as if this barricade Blocks the only road It's not as if you're all alone In wanting to explode Someone set a bad example Made surrender seem all right The act of a noble warrior Who lost the will to fight ... And now you're trembling on a rocky ledge Staring down into a heartless sea Done with life on a razor's edge Nothing's what you thought it would be ... No hero in your tragedy No daring in your escape No salutes for your surrender Nothing noble in your fate Christ, what have you done?" Fantastic song, one of my favourites. I also love Summer's going fast Nights growing colder Children growing up Old friends growing older Freeze this moment A little bit longer Make each sensation A little bit stronger Experience slips away Experience slips away The innocence slips away
  6. 1997 would be great, but I would love to see pretty much any Rush gig pre 2000 released on blu ray.
  7. Could well be some live stuff released. There's been an awful lot of Bowie live recordings released since he passed away, so this is something that record companies do like to do..
  8. I would just like to add that maybe the reason I feel that I might be able any criticism at Rush (my all time favourite band) is that they’ve always been so perfect, so flawless. I’ve always been blown away by their live sound, right from way back when, when I was amazed how three guys could make such a wonderful sound with no backing musicians. As they themselves have always set the bar so high, perhaps that’s why when it’s not quite so perfect that it seems so off. Anyway, I love Rush, always have done and I just don’t feel right in saying anything negative about them. Yes, they may have done a tour or so too many but you know what - I’m glad they did. Their music has always been an enormous part of my life, and they will always be legends to me. Rock on :D :haz: :rush:
  9. Oh come on..... He did extremely well for a fairly lengthy period....For me, his style changed with PEW and again with Signals He remained an accomplished singer up to around the late 90s, but since then it's been a gradual downward slide since. His last outings sounded truly painful and I really think they would have benefited by lowering all the material a half-step and him figuring out alternative ways to sing some songs without pushing himself. This is not meant as disrespect, he did better than most, but there are singers out there whose voices have aged better. I have to agree with this, I thought his voice was great until the 2000s. Whether it was the screetchy early stuff, or right through the 80s and 90s - he was pretty outstanding IMO. I’ve bought all the recent live blu-ray releases though and it’s sometimes quite painful to hear an old favourite sang so badly. The musicianship is still spot on as far as I can tell but with the vocals, I find it a bit like watching a bad Rush tribute act or something. I absolutely love Rush and I don’t say this lightly, but it just upsets me a bit to hear classics sang like that. I grew up with Rush and an awful lot of the songs mean a helluver lot to me, which is why it hurts I guess. No ones voice is going to hold throughout their whole career though, especially if it’s a long career like Rush - it’s just a fact of life I’m afraid. I’m glad they stopped when they did, obviously not that Neil died, but that they stopped before it became too embarrassing.
  10. Death is always good for sales. Always has been, probably always will be. See Michael Jackson, David Bowie etc etc...
  11. I couldn’t believe that either, surely (as we say here in the UK) he must have been taking the piss, who knows. Bizarre to say the least. in answer the question, it appears to me that the change he had with at least his diction might have been down to some dental work he had done? Not sure when it was, or even what he had done, but there was definitely a change. I really enjoyed Geddys voice, even the early screetchy stuff, right up until the more recent live Blu-Rays, when he really sounds like he’s straining to reach some of the notes. Shame really, as you have this wonderful HD technology these days enabling you to enjoy the gigs more than ever before (apart from actually being there of course) but for the most part, Geddys voice just isn’t up to it anymore. Not that anyones voice will be the same at fifty as it is at twenty, but with the Rush back catalogue being as it is, the songs don’t always suit his voice. If I want to watch Rush live and experience the songs more as they should sound, I watch the DVD versions of ESL or ASOH and just put up with the inferior visual quality. It’s maybe a blessing in disguise that they stopped touring when they did really, apart from the obvious health problems that Neil was experiencing, there was also Alexs arthritis and Geddys voice. That’s not to say we shouldn’t hear Geddy singing anything again of course, but maybe something more suitable to his voice. Him trying to reach the notes in TOS, Circumstances etc doesn’t really cut it for me anymore. Obviously Neils health would have been the overriding factor, but IMO even without that they would have been wise to call it a day - certainly as regards Rush anyway.
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