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  1. This is my first time with a book club. How far do we go? What's the process?
  2. First, my condolences on your profound personal loss in addition to the grief we all share for our beloved Professor. Welcome to your new brother and sisters in arms. I hope you find healing and peace, and eventually joy with the wonderful people of TRF.
  3. I'm in with Far & Wide - I haven't read it yet. All the others, I have.
  4. Virtual group hug, you guys. I love you guys - All 3! Thank you for giving us TRF. The LOVE here is beyond measure.
  5. Thanks, Mike for giving us this place, and keeping it going. Thanks Mike - I love you! This place was such a gift.
  6. Gutted to the core. f**k CANCER. The man defined my life with his lyrics. I just can't.
  7. And will be that way again today - but lets throw in some high winds for funzies.
  8. Legubrious. :sigh: Significantly so, since my phone posted twice. :D
  9. Just curious if anyone has plans to attend?? We saw Lotus Land at the Hard Rock Cafe at Rushcon
  10. When you're involved on the forum, and people get to know you, they can make suggestions for a member title that suits you - It's a priviledge and an honour, :finbar: Just like getting an emoticon named after you :sundog:
  11. It isn't but ya know how it is nowadays...That is why I keep all of sites liked IG, Twitter and FB private so only people that have things in common with me or close friends can get in... I also have IG, and it's private. I like to choose who gets to see my personal stuff. My Facebook, is less secure, but I am fairly careful about which posts are public and which are shared with a more specific audience.
  12. This scares me. Digi was living in Martinez when we met. We have family and friends from the Bay area down to San Diego - and it seems like everyone is on fire watch. We are hoping to get to wine country next summer - so I hope wine country is still there. It does feel a little like the end of days.
  13. It's rough when parents get old. One thing after another. Hope it's not too bad. Thanks Lorraine! Dad is 90 and had open heart surgery last year. That went well but his heart is still weakening some and he is having some congestive heart failure. His Dr. is very optimistic, but then he is one of those type of Drs. I am well aware he is 90 + but my sister's are further away and not always realizing Dad is aging. It lead to a day of texts and phone calls along the lines of "Talk to someone, the hospital needs to MAKE him better." Oh, ok, I hadn't thought of that. We all have adjustments to make I guess but it is tiring.He is doing well at the present for which I am very grateful. :hug2: It's a very tough place to be. Sending you love, support and patience (because this situation calls for so much more that we often have, and everything seems beyond your control) from across the miles.
  14. Thanks for the nice replies everyone. We had a lovely day. The turkey was yummy. I wish I had a table big enough for all of you to join us.
  15. We interrupt the regularly scheduled Sunday morning events for some Deep Thoughts The Cycle of Changing Seasons Spring is a new birth, the eruption of natural splendor as the natural world awakens from the cold slumber of Winter. In Summer we have fireworks, flowers and sunshine; our days are longer, and we bask in the glory of warmth from the sun. The Autumn provides us with a natural display of colours from the Trees to the Harvest, before Winter races up behind to cover us with the muffling blankets of snow and sends life into dormancy for the rest and rejuvenation required to once again blossom come Spring. For my Canadian friends, have a Blessed Thanksgiving. May you find joy in the time together, no matter how big or small your gathering. Attitude is everything. If you're reading this, know that I am sending you the most positive thoughts. Be the reason someone smiles today. Carry on with your regularly scheduled programming.
  16. It's unusually hot and humid in SW Ontario yesterday and today. It was still 72 degrees this morning when I got up and went outside with my coffee. The high humidity makes it feel closer to 80 degrees. Not normal for where we live. End of September and I still have the central air on - I love Fall, but since it precedes Winter, it's not my favourite season.
  17. Treeduck, you are the most original soul I know. Don't ever change. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Treeduck is VERY original. Hey, wait a tick.... that post looks familiar.... Ducky is a post thief! We have rules against that sort of thing here. Don't we? There ought to be a rule. This seems like an inside joke, that I am not privy to. Perhaps my extended absence has led to this..... *must change this*
  18. It was an amazing birthday, Thank you! Better than a lot of them, actually :D :sundog:
  19. Thank you so much! :sundog: I appreciate the greetings.
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