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  1. Neil has always been a writer, first, and then a drummer. That surprised me, of course, but given the complexity and brilliance of his lyrics, it should be obvious. As a teen discovering this amazing band, I couldn't stop reading along with every song. I was never disappointed. I'm drawn to great lyrics, analogies, metaphors. The Sci-Fi stuff only heightened my excitement for the band. Even The Body Electric which is a tiny wisp of the Sci-Fi and fantastical magnum-opi he wrote in the past...
  2. Sure, it happens but it's more likely to happen with training and a solid technique. Geddy had his upper register with notes only dogs could hear. With proper support, I think it may have lasted a little longer. That's all.
  3. Oh, and there are techniques that can save the voice, most definitely. Opera singers perform well into their 70's and even 80's without having to take the orchestra down. Geddy's upper register began to suffer a bit. Doesn't matter. It happens. Look at Geoff Tate. His glory days are far behind. Even Freddie Mercury suffered from it, but he smoked like a chimney, enjoyed partying and drinking and lots and lots of coke...
  4. Honestly, it was more of a joke between myself and a rush loving guy I was seeing. If I met someone and the person said Tom Sawyer, we'd howl. We actually nicknamed one guy that. True to form, a super Rush fan could say Tom Sawyer but then follow up with other songs. Non-Rush fans spout it as it's pretty much the only song they know and can remember by the band.
  5. Tom Sawyer has become my fan Litmus test. All true Rush fans can agree that if you meet someone, mention Rush and the first thing out of their mouths is Tom Sawyer, they're not really a Rush fan. I love the song but for whatever reason it became the Stairway for Rush and, like Stairway, should be banned from radio play like that one DJ did in Northern California. Rush had to play it live as it's their most recognizable song. While I didn't use it during the show as a beer break, I could see why die-hards would. And, yes, live, in the later years, Geddy just couldn't handle it. But that's age and bad technique. I always thought he maybe should have studied classical singing. His voice may have lasted.
  6. Not always poor PolarizeMe never did I DID!!! wankers Teach me the ways, Master!
  7. It's based on your number of posts http://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/337-trf-post-levels-and-icons/ I figured but I want to keep it. :D Stop posting!! Hahaha I shall try and courageously fight the desire!!
  8. It's based on your number of posts http://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/337-trf-post-levels-and-icons/ I figured but I want to keep it. :D
  9. I'm slowly getting used to the forum. Noticed my "Member Title" changed. Not really sure what a "Member Title" is but I'm now a Restless Young Rushmantic. I'm good with that. :)
  10. Saw them last year. Wasn't much impressed. Disappointing considering they were a major part of my playlists as a teen. I was a gothy clubber in the day and their back beats made us look great on the dance floor. They're old now and dark, angsty shit doesn't roll well with the over 50 sect. Hang the hat or revamp. Or maybe I just outgrew the darkpop synth...
  11. We went to a local mall and it was business as usual. Nothing crazy.
  12. Yeah, I didn't, either. Makes the film that much cooler. :)
  13. "Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon... with nail polish."
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