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  1. I wonder who the "special guest interviewer" is? Its bound to be Alex, at least for one of the nights.
  2. Its been a while. See you again in 5 years Also, I just discovered that all the old emoji's from about a million years ago are still a thing.
  3. Bass guitar in wrong tuning. No biggie, not like they were recording a DVD or anything
  4. I am cross-dominant, which means that my left hand is dominant for some tasks, and my right hand for others. Ambidextrous would involve being equally good at the same task with both hands, which I am far from. For simplicity I identify as right handed, purely based on the fact that I write using that hand. I recall being actively discouraged from doing things left-handed at school though, so I consider any right-handedness to be learned and not instinctive.
  5. gleamingalloyaircar81 and Cosy Toes should build a bridge. For all the trolls to live under.
  6. Interesting thread idea. There has already been at least one TRF wedding that I am aware of, so who knows.
  7. This topic pops up every once in a while "Pops up". I'm appalled.
  8. I walked in on a colleague watching this video... He couldn't explain :laughing guy:. Downside is I've had this music in my head for hours now.
  9. Turn the music off. My hearing isn't the best and I sometimes struggle to understand people speaking over background noise.
  10. Im not sure I've ever bought socks - they just seem to accumulate from various birthdays and Christmases. Finding pairs is becoming quite difficult, but personally, so long as the base colour is the same, I don't worry about it too much.
  11. I've been thinking, and I think one thing that might contribute to people thinking there weren't many different British accents is that it used to be the norm for British actors to learn to "lose" their regional accent, and speak in what is know as RP (Received Pronunciation). For instance, you'd probably never tell from his accent that Tom Baker is from Liverpool. He doesn't sound it. In the past, you rarely heard a regional accent on telly, unless it was some character actor putting on a fake one. This changed sometime in the 80s or 90s, and now regional accents are all over the telly. But think of any big British actor from the 50s, 60s, 70s and it's a good bet they speak Received Pronunciation. RP is used by teachers in schools now too, even going back just 20 years to when I was in Primary school the teachers still had strong regional accents. I have noticed that kids these days seem to have more 'generic' accents than perhaps people of my generation and older. For example usually you can tell if somebody from here is from Aberdeen, or if their from the country, or from a fishing community all within a 50 mile radius or so. These days I think the younger folk mostly sound the same.
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