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  1. For me, Counterparts is Rush's last truly great album from start to finish and Rush's best since GUP. Animate, Double Agent, and Leave that thing alone are top 25 Rush songs for me. Sorry I can't answer your questions. I just thought I'd chime in and tell you I agree about that album's greatness
  2. An Outstanding group with so much range. A modern day power trio... Just an array of different sounds coming out of these guys. If I had to compare them to anyone, it would be Queen because they both have an opera-like dramatic sound and Queen could go from symphonic to rocking out on a dime just like Muse. I really haven't listened to a lot of the last couple albums. If there are any great songs let me know. I really haven't given them much of a listen yet... Here are my top 10: 1. Knights of Cydonia (Love the Natural Science type riff to close it out) 2. Newborn (Spirit of Radio anyone?) 3. City of Delusion (an underrated gem hidden on their best album) 4. Uprising (Obvious and hugely popular choice) 5. Hyper Music (The virtuoso side of Muse) 6. Stockholm Syndrome (one of their heaviest songs) 7. Hysteria (one of Muse's staples.) 8. Supermassive Black Hole (Disco?) 9. Survival (Really unique song. Sounds like it could be out of West Side Story) 10. Map of the Problematique - Another gem off of Black Holes and Revelations
  3. "Great" is such a relative word. I haven't read the entire thread, but thought it would be fun to just run through some of the obvious acts.. Rush's run from 2112 to Moving Pictures is a run of 5 truly great albums. Signals is not in that category IMO. Pink Floyd had a run of 4 great albums Dark Side through the Wall Black Sabbath had Paranoid through Sabotage, which is 5, but I'm not sure if I'd call Master of Reality great. Led Zeppelin only had 2 albums I'd call great but no doubt I'm in the minority of that opinion I saw Van Halen from Debut to 1984 mentioned, but Women and Children First and Diver Down are 'meh' for me Aerosmith had a great run from Get Your Wings to Rocks, but that's just 3. Is Draw the Line great? I dunno The Who from Tommy to Quadrophenia is 3... Metallica with Ride the Lightning through the Black Album is 4 The Beatles had a great run from Rubber Soul through Abbey ROad. I think that's 5? No doubt I missed some, but not surprisingly I'd go with Rush's run as THE best with honorable mention to The Beatles and Black Sabbath
  4. I was at the San Diego and Devore shows on the T4E tour. The thing that makes that tour so special is that it was the first "evening with Rush" format with no opening band and 2.5 hours of glorious playing. As a result, they were able to play 2112 in its entirety. I remember Alex played something very strange at the beginning of Discovery. Other then that, the best Rush concert ever for my money
  5. Aw man that sucks that it’s online only. I heard them announce it today and was excited that I can keep listening in my car but guess not. At lease they did something, but I’m going to miss it on my drives starting Tomorrow
  6. Jim Ladd just announced they have extended the Rush tribute channel to next Wednesday. How many times have they decided to extend it? It’s kind of amusing how they keep changing the date. I believe it speaks to the listening audience they are getting and the demand in general for it to keep going. They really should just make it permanent and be done with it. There’s clearly going to be a high demand for quite a while...
  7. He is one of Neil's friends. A simple internet search can add other details about him ;) he was the drummer of Jethro Tull during the 80s. I have met him. Super nice guy Neil’s personality is such where he would never tell anyone he was in pain even if he was. It’s one of the many characteristics that make him such an admirable man. This isn’t to say he was or wasn’t in pain. He just despised the idea of anyone worrying about him. He never wanted to be a burden to anyone: (which is what makes cancer such a cruel fate, as it’s a disease that affects far too many in a horrible manner). I’m sure Neil hated that.
  8. It's interesting that they are totally ignoring Counterparts and Test for Echo. Counterparts, in particular, has some real gems. I'm baffled by how many times I've heard Tears. Of all the songs....really?
  9. Interesting. When I go to the iTunes store and the search query, it shows me the top 10 artists trending and Rush has been on the list since last Friday.
  10. I knew Neil for 30 years. He didn't know me, but I sure knew him. He added more to why life then any one man should add to a person's life. He made an unbearable life at times bearable. He understood me in a way few do. I think what's making me cry more than anything is the imagery of the last couple years for Neil. And the fact that he was given a 2nd chance at being a full-time dad and husband and had it taken away one more time in the cruelest of fashions. It's just so incredibly f***ed up. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Now, the latest being the image of Neil in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Grrrrrrr
  11. Well, it did not end yesterday as Jim Ladd said it would. As of this morning, it's still going strong. I wonder if they are extending it based on demand or significantly higher number of listeners? The downside is that they are playing the David Fricke show to death
  12. Does anyone know why the Twitter tribute page to Neil has nothing new since yesterday? They were coming in fast and furious through yesterday so I can’t imagine them abruptly stopping all together. Or an I doing something wrong? (Not a tweeter)
  13. Agreed. My hunch is that Neil kept a journal or personal blog of his battle with brain cancer over the 3.5 years. He was such an avid and gifted writer that seemed to have a passion for it. I’d be surprised if there’s not something. Whether it’s ever made public in any form is another story....
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