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  1. Relates to Neil and his situation.He had views about healthcare and cancer patients. Remember you as a Trump apologist so of course you would object to it.
  2. Can you imagine people having to battle this with no insurance? I will never stop fighting those in America trying to kill pre-existing conditions protections. America is only major country in WORLD that doesn't guarantee their citizens healthcare. Neil has commented on this before he got sick.
  3. Thanks for posting Tate quote. Queensryche is probably my second favorite band. Before all the drama anyway.
  4. Now...I realize nothing wrong with men showing their emotions, but I've never seen anything like it. I think it's wonderful so many people cared that much about a celebrity they really didn't know. I have literally seen HUNDREDS of comments by men on youtube and such who said they have been crying for days after Neil passed. I can relate. I still get a few tears daily. Personally for me, he was not only my early drum hero and the only reason I started playing, but it's also the fact that he really lets his guard down in his books. He reveals far more about himself and his thoughts than Geddy and Alex ever have. I think so many people feel like they actually knew him a little bit. Not to mention his lyrical abilities. He was able to connect with people that is a rarity indeed from a "rock musician". Still feels like I'm mourning a family member. I think people also have empathy about the unfairness of so much tragedy being visited on such a good guy.
  5. Sully of Godsmack claims Neil was even sick before last Rush tour ended. Is this the first time somebody has said this on record? I'm going to take it with a grain of salt, but it is something people have speculated. If it's the truth, then Neil fought for an unbelievably long time with this awful condition. Don't know how I feel about this statement. But I knew, when they were ending the RUSH tour, that he was sick," Sully claimed.
  6. Surely they will have to give at least SOME details. They can't spend the rest of their lives running from interview seekers. I'm sure they won't reveal personal family stuff, but media will have questions.
  7. I can't see Ged and Alex running from this. At the right time they will address it.
  8. Agreed, and a positive is to donate to cancer research. I couldn't afford much but felt better for doing it in Neil's memory. Unfortunately, after spending thousands of hours researching cancer and communicating with leading cancer researchers around the world (including currently), I came to the conclusion that there's plenty of funding for cancer research, and the problem is that the money is often not well spent in terms making a real difference in preventing or treating cancer. If donating to cancer research, my suggestion would be to be very selective in making those donations. Shameful what the President is trying to do in court. Suing to end pre-existing conditions protections for cancer patients everywhere as well. Cancer patients will be locked out of even being able to PURCHASE health insurance if he succeeds. His cruelty knows no bounds.Thankfully Neil Peart saw this and even called out GOP for their policies being cruel and anti-Christian.
  9. So funny. I downloaded these last two vids you posted earlier today. Cheers! lol I know most of you have seen it before, but great CNN band interview here featuring Neil talking a lot. Hopefully some haven't seen it. Ha!
  10. They already had a private ceremony. Neil died on the 7th and it wasn't announced until the 10th. Since no other news has come out about it, I think it's safe to say that the announcement of his death wasn't made until after the funeral was done. There could still be some kind of public remembrance where people get up and speak and such. I hope somebody arranges something like that. Neil would hate that. LOL! He was even wanting to get the HOF induction over with:)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWuGzK84oBQ&t=65s This fan call in show has some insight into Neil's last 2 months and the day before he passed. This caller has a friend that was obviously in Neil's inner circle. He's so choked up that he can hardly speak. This guy knew that Neil was going to pass and was decent enough not to leak it to anybody. His story goes from 50:30 to 53:30 or so for those that want to hear it. So glad he decided to share. Not a lot of details, but this guy was just as shocked and distraught as the rest of us are even though he knew what was inevitable.
  12. Steve Smith is an absolute monster drummer, and his tribute to Neil was beautiful. I tried to argue with a Rush fan on Twitter a couple years ago that although Neil will always be my #1 drummer/fav drummer and is the best drummer when combining creativity, style, and chops, Steve Smith is a better "all around" drummer than Neil IMO. Steve can play so many styles flawlessly. Even Neil has said this. I tried to explain that music is subjective and that there really are no "bests", only favorites. They got pissed off and blocked me. If I had to go by all out chops and ability to play all styles, the best living drummer right now is Vinny Colaiuta. I think maybe Neil would have agreed with this too although Neil was obviously inspired by Steve Smith and Smith's earlier teacher, Freddie Gruber.
  13. GREAT tribute page from Hudson Music. Very long with many, many people weighing in with personal accounts of Neil. Well done Hudson Music! https://hudsonmusic.com/neil-peart/
  14. Neil on roller skates of all things in 2015.
  15. Wonder if we can get a link. I think this link is where Eddie talks to the fans on call ins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWuGzK84oBQ&t=65s
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