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  1. My thoughts on this...as mentioned already...is that they will not continue as Rush, it will be something like the Lee/Lifeson band. Maybe a few festival slots to see if Alex can do it. If not I believe Geddy will go solo and maybe Alex will come out and play a few songs. Geddy's already gone solo before so this is not new territory and there is already precedence. Bottom line, this is happening -- is some iteration -- but one (or both of them) will be recording a new album and playing out in some manner in the next year or so. As someone that's getting older and occasionally plays in a band, when the call comes it's very hard to say no because there's always the 'what if' (as the old adage goes; it's the things in life you DON'T do that you regret, not the things you DO). Just my intuition/thoughts.
  2. I'm at the chapter about how Geddy's parents met! Some SPOILERS:
  3. Just got the Geddy Lee book for Christmas! Wondered if anyone else got it for Christmas? To be honest I would never have bought it myself (after being an astromancing uber-fan for 40+ years I know a lot of the lore and also I'm afraid to know everything because it might ruin the mystery a bit) but it was a nice thought and am about 40 pages in. Cheers!
  4. You know I didn't even think of this...but this a 1000%!! ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ These guys are VERY smart, they wouldn't have mentioned it unless they were already working on something.
  5. Funny, I prefer it to be called Lee-Lifeson. We'll see! 👍
  6. Will have to check it out! 👍 Yeah, I mean can you imagine one of the all time Rock Gods (that literally changed the f-ing world!! No exaggeration!!) being cool and humble enough to be interested in wanting to meet you!! You just hear horror stories about that kind of stuff and it's amazing to know that there are still people out there like that...a real gentlemen, gentle soul and down-to-earth hippy-type...wanting to pay it forward and being a real human being. I know, just like millions of other kids that they all -- Ged, Alex and Neil -- all watched the Ed Sullivan show with The Beatles when they were kids so that would be quite a mind-blowing experience for Ged and Al!
  7. By the by. Just saw this! Paul McCartney...THEE Paul McCartney...LIVING LEGEND...inspires Rush to perform again!! I mean...how can you say no to that?!?! (seems like a super amazing and humble cat) https://ultimateclassicrock.com/paul-mccartney-geddy-lee-alex-lifeson/?fbclid=IwAR3ZaSwqhXvjd7baGsZ0HAJgRVQ1Ry3dENw5VQ2sPiK8xNxeSao8VfCmA0k
  8. Okay, will do! Will be there in April. For right now will be doing a day trip pilgrimage to Lakeside Park. My favorite song of all time!!!!
  9. They're my favorite band of all time! And NP is one of my favorite lyricists and drummers and as musicians they are ALL all uniquely different in their own way -- the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. But the reality is this: - Geddy and Alex have known each other since they were kids - The band existed long before NP came along - Lee/Lifeson wrote many songs before Neil came on board (and they have matured as lyricists) - Geddy already showed it can be done on his solo record I'm excited either way, whether it's called the Lee-Lifeson Band or Rush! (as mentioned they were Rush before Neil soooo.) I already have my tickets, lol! I mean holy sh*t in Shinola...if the Stones can tour at 80 then everyone should be inspired to tour!
  10. Okay, I looked and I looked and this has to be on here somewhere but I didn't see it soooo.... https://www.loudersound.com/news/geddy-lee-wont-rule-out-future-rush-shows-with-alex-lifeson It was a matter of time!!
  11. Wow! Thanks! That looks like a 70's movie alright! Completely mind-bending and hyper-surreal. BTW, I'm familiar with many Psychotronic and acid-fueled mindf**k films from this period and I've never heard of this movie! Will have to watch one day.
  12. Hello fellow Astromancers! Just saw the The Rise of Kings 1968-1981 doc on Axis TV and couldn't believe my eyes when they showed a 'video' snippet from The Necromancer! Pretty sure the copyright said 1979. I scrambled and looked everywhere but it's nowhere to be found. Does anyone know what this is? Is it a real video? Why can't I find it? Thanks!
  13. Hey Goose, I just tried and a message came up saying, RodInToronto cannot receive messages. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers.
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