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  1. Wow! Thanks! That looks like a 70's movie alright! Completely mind-bending and hyper-surreal. BTW, I'm familiar with many Psychotronic and acid-fueled mindf**k films from this period and I've never heard of this movie! Will have to watch one day.
  2. Hello fellow Astromancers! Just saw the The Rise of Kings 1968-1981 doc on Axis TV and couldn't believe my eyes when they showed a 'video' snippet from The Necromancer! Pretty sure the copyright said 1979. I scrambled and looked everywhere but it's nowhere to be found. Does anyone know what this is? Is it a real video? Why can't I find it? Thanks!
  3. Hey Goose, I just tried and a message came up saying, RodInToronto cannot receive messages. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers.
  4. Yeah, I'm an old-schooler on here but haven't posted in a while. The site is definitely different, ha. Thanks for the tip! I'll do that. Just trying to feel out Lakeside Park and what the vibe is like. Cheers!
  5. Greetings fellow Astromancers! (My term for all of us Rush fans!) I will be making my *very first* pilgrimage to Toronto next Spring and was hoping someone can give me a few possible tips for visiting Rush sites in the area. Unfortunately, I will just be passing through and will only be there for one day and was thinking of visiting Lakeside Park (My favorite Rush song and also overall favorite song of all time!). Not sure if that will take up a full day but figured that would be enough for this first visit and I will make more stops when I come back later at another date when I have more time. Obviously this is a life long dream and I'm VERY excited! Thanks in advance my friends!
  6. In case you guys missed this. Two new Alex songs!!! https://www.louderso...brand-new-songs
  7. I know this place isn't as busy as it used to be but just wanted to post this just in case: https://www.loudersound.com/news/alex-lifeson-to-release-new-album-later-this-year Very exciting!! :lol:
  8. Thank you! Happy holidays to you, too! It's on the way! Tell her it's the first SASE I've ever done! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to you, too! :hi: BTW, got them! They're awesome! She had to add a couple of extra stamps (oops!) but I sent a thank you letter with some stamps. Thank you for facilitating this and tell her I said thank you again. Cheers!
  9. I thought Andre did a great job in trading long exchanges with Alex. He was not surprisingly very knowledgable and clearly hold him in high esteem. Regarding "Never say never", not only is it the obvious result of, in my opinion, Alex seeming to want to put that part of the discussion behind them and move on (the only aspect of the interview I was slightly uncomfortable with, i.e. what seemed to me to be just a tad pushy in light of the fact that Alex'd already made clear his feelings), but the phrase itself errs on the side of "highly unlikely" and is only an acquiescence that one cannot know the future. They say, hope springs eternal! :lol: Andre was especially knowledgeable about Victor. Haven't heard that since college! I'll have check it out again.
  10. Bought a few from this lady last Xmas and they're amazing! https://www.etsy.com/shop/ROCKNROLLXMAS?ref=nla_listing_details All hand made! If you don't see it, she'll make it! She's currently working on some for me! Figured I'd pay it forward! :D
  11. Wikipedia not a thing for you? Wow... Slow day huh?
  12. Here's the full interview: Ok, just watched the WHOLE interview! Phew! It's amazing actually! Some really amazing take aways for me personally: He's younger than I thought so he still has A LOT of life left in him He still wants to play He's been working and recording consistently after they stopped touring Now I know why there are no solos on VT (he wanted to be a unit and didn't want any of the focus to be on him which is very admirable and weird at the same time) His favorite album, as far as ease of creativity and creation, is MP (which is how they were able to channel such amazing energy into that album) But the real take away is that he said: Never say Never! Looks like he doesn't want to tour but I'm guessing he would do festivals. Prediction: There will be a Lee/Lifeson album out in the next year or so.
  13. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet: https://www.louderso...t-back-together I'm sure many of us assumed that this would be a matter of time after they were able to properly grieve. These guys have been mates and brothers since they were kids. They will always be compelled to work together in some fashion. RIP Neil Peart - Fellow Astromancer and Lord of Rivendell!
  14. Hello, Just wanted to follow up and make sure she got my letter. I know that mail is going much slower these days. Thanks!
  15. Thank you! Happy holidays to you, too! It's on the way! Tell her it's the first SASE I've ever done! Merry Christmas!
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