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  1. Never opened the Atlantic Remasters box so I don't know if it's the 2004 or a newer remaster, For vinyl there was the original 1993 vinyl and the 2015 remastered vinyl with the download code and at least one other independent download. (Not at all familiar with any of the downloadable versions because I have no idea about where they are sourced.) As for CD, there is the 1993 original and the 2004 remaster (which I think slightly improves the albums clarity.) There is also the Audio Fidelity version released in 2012 (which happens to be my favorite as far as CD sound quality.) thank you all for your reply. how can i put my hands on the audio fidelity cd ? is there any rip available for download anywhere ? (i don't want to steal anything but...)
  2. greetings, i always been a huge fan of counterparts. lately, i've been listening the album over and over. i listen to a ripped copy (@320) of the original 1993 cd. it sounds good but i'm wondering about the other remastered version of the album. as far as i know, the album as been remastered in 2004 (i guess as part of "the rush remasters" series, and has been reissued in 2013 as part of "the studio album 1989-2007" box set. first question : does anybody knows which version of the album (1993 or 2004) is in the box set ? according to wikipedia, it has been reissued in 2015 "after being remastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios following a direct approach by Rush to remaster their entire back catalogue". second question : is this new remastering was part of the reissue of all catalog in vinyl which come with a download link ? counterparts also received the sacd "treatment". for many, this is best sounding version of the album. unfortunately, i cannot appreciate it since i don't own an sacd player and even not a cd player anymore. third question : what would be the "best" sounding version of counterparts ? i know, it's all a matter of taste. but i love that album so much, i want to improve my listening experience from my 1993 rip. many thanks in advance. mB
  3. If you look closely, you'll see the Rush Starman Logo on both bass drum heads of drummer Singer. I am not a Kiss fan. But I tought it was worthy as a Rush fan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRep6gzrx7s Best wishes to all. mB
  4. many thanks. english is not my first language. mB
  5. all, who can explain me the origin of the word goat referred to neil ? best, mB
  6. sorry that you may have lost a precious moment of your life.
  7. Really? The vocal phrasing is different, as is the solo. the final chord reminds me a live version of the song.
  8. anyone was aware of that "vault edition" ?
  9. yep. i remember them days. good ol' days of the c64. didn't know these were called "cracktro" anyways, i guess these guys were fans. watch completely.
  10. argh. i am so sorry for that. but i am computer illiterate. how can i do that ?
  11. in the celebrity rap section, is the one with the pig mask would be les claypool ?
  12. sorry if this has already been discussed. just come up from the montreal show. amazing experience. 4th row floor dead center. it was the most pleasant show. don't read me as a complainer here. i am just wondering. the concept of a time machine behind this r40 tour is brilliant. but why didn't they use it when they did the time machine tour in 2011 ?
  13. when did you received info regarding where to pick up your tickets ? How many days before show ?
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