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  1. Minor quibble I know, and probably hardly worth making a post over, hah, but maybe it's because I'm so used to the version of YYZ on ESL that hearing Neil sort of just roll into the solo as opposed to bouncing into it with some syncopation is jarring and takes me out of the experience a little bit. Anyone else finding themselves having a hard time completing immersing themselves into the 40th anniversary live set because you're so accustomed to ESL? For example, Alex's guitar on Broon's Bane comes across way more as a plugged-in classical guitar (a tone of which which I am not the biggest fan) than a mic'd classical.
  2. zappafrank

    Hating Rush

    Isn't one of the well known funny little tidbits about Neil that despite being really good friends with Stewart Copeland (The Police), Copeland has gone on record saying that he's not a fan of Neil's playing?
  3. zappafrank

    Hating Rush

    It's why I often order my burgers medium rare, with extra lasagna on top!
  4. zappafrank

    Hating Rush

    Or 100% definitely not
  5. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Now it's just a FB post, "hey, we're releasing a new album on this date."
  6. I'm vaxx'd, too, and obviously would be wearing a mask. It was sold out the last time, but there was only one theater showing it (on science center-type screen, to boot). This time, I see 3 or 4 theaters across different areas, (but smaller auditoriums, it seems). So... not sure whether that will affect the sales. My own stance is to be more cautious than not. I have a friend who was a breakthrough case a few weeks ago and he said it was the worst thing he's ever experienced. So, again, that's just me. I think it will be a wait-and-see type thing for me over the next few weeks.
  7. Certainly not me...... Yeah, I dunno. I've seen all the docs over the last few years in theaters, and they were always an awesome experience. But with rising cases and this being an indoor thing...
  8. Just checked the ticketing for my show (Pittsburgh), and one of the theaters listed no longer is grayed out and has a time listed with an active link. And when I selected # of seats just to see, it did carry on to the seat selection part (whereas previously I selected # of seats, hit "next," and got an error message. And it was for all theaters). So I guess it's good to go...?
  9. I tried to buy tickets through https://www.cinemastrangiato.com/tickets/, and although I can choose a location and select number of seats, it won't go any farther than that says that there is some kind of service error. So I'm wondering if in fact it's been cancelled...
  10. Where are people finding participating theaters? I signed up for updates but haven't received anything, and I can't find a link on the website. And the place I saw it the 1st time isn't listing anything. ETA: I found the link via Google! Am I just missing it on the main page?!
  11. RushIsABand posted it on their FB page, and I think they got it from someone else!
  12. I figured the band would have jumped in on selling Rush-themed masks, but I'm not seeing any on the official website. I see scarves, but no masks. Anyone have any (official) leads?
  13. Even if the boys were still active but no songs resulted from his observations, his writings would have been outstanding, as usual, I'd wager.
  14. Courtesy of "Rush is a Band" The Disney Kids show "Puppy Dog Pals" inserted a brief tribute to Neil Peart into their latest episode, "Maple Cheer Up" (Season 3, Episode 8). In the episode, the Puppy Dog Pals visit Canada to learn about maple syrup, and there's a poster on the wall of the maple syrup cabin that shows the Rush Starman with a puppy replacing the man, a heart replacing the star, and the words "N.P. 2020" in place of "Rush 2112" in the standard blue and purple 2112 font. You can get a good view of the poster just to the left of the door at about the 19:40 mark of the episode ... (But is it By-tor or the Snow Dog?)
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