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  1. I'm on vacation down in Disney; ONLY to help my sister, who's a single mom of a 5 & 1 year old. I cannot say a word, or express myself; she questions nearly every move, gesture, question i may have. She doesn't stop. I'M EXHAUSTED. I love her & her children VERY DEARLY. There's no way she could've driven from New Orleans, and done Disney Springs, Jurassic Park, Universal, Sea World, Magic, Animal and back at Magic tonight. We leave Saturday. GIVE ME STRENGTH. I'm trying.
  2. After a great day at work, I get home and receive a text message from my parish priest Father Chris: "...Hey Nick I flipped on the radio and switched stations and ran right into the middle of RUSH - Tom Sawyer. Well, naturally I thought about you instantly...". Many, if not all, of my friends know how obsessed I am with RUSH; they always tell me '...when they hear RUSH on their radio, they think of me...'. Even in the sadness, when we all learned of Neil's passing; many posted onto my FB page, telling me '...you're the first person I thought of...'. No, I'm certainly not the biggest RUSH fan there is; I've only gone to 13 shows since PRESTO; I have the albums, the cd's, the dvd's & blu-rays and will get whatever they choose to release in the future. Yet, being a drummer, everybody knows how much Neil means to me; and not just his drumming, but his words and his philosophy that will live on forever. My loved ones = relatives & friends, love to bash me about RUSH 'cause they know how much Geddy, Alex & Neil have meant and always will mean to me.
  3. Not gonna spoil it; it's good: some comic & very brutal but I was a bit disappointed in the musical score.
  4. Hi Friends, Hopefully I won't get into trouble with this topic. I'm a Catholic; and attending mass this morning, in our church it's the Feast Day of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel & Rafael. I got to immediately thinking of the tremendous song Workin' them Angels. Though, I haven't listened to that song in a very long time, I still think very highly of it. For that matter, Armor & Sword and The Larger Bowl are amongst favorites from that collection. Ironically, FAITHLESS is my favorite from Snakes & Arrows. Again, didn't mean to cause any problems. Take care.
  5. In relation to the 40th Anniversary of Moving Pictures, I'm very much hoping for a big, deluxe edition to the concert tour that became EXIT...STAGE LEFT. I know there's a Moving Pictures post regarding this, but 'EXIT' was really my entrance into RUSH; both the album & ESPECIALLY the video. I can't tell you how many times I've watched this video concert since first seeing the MTV Saturday night concert in December of 1982. I've said this before, just hoping for the lost footage to be found; for a complete video concert.
  6. Hi Earl, I WANT RUSH !!! As you already know, I'm really hoping for all the footage of EXIT...STAGE LEFT, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE & A SHOW OF HANDS to be released...someday.
  7. Hi Earl, I WANT RUSH. I'm really hoping that all the footage for EXIT...STAGE LEFT, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE & A SHOW OF HANDS to be released...someday.!
  8. Might be a bit early to talk and/or speculate, but do y'all think we may get a box set of new audio/video for Christmas time this year.!? I'm certainly hoping for the next two years of Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures/ EXIT...STAGE LEFT.
  9. Hi Friends, I flashback to two years ago when on this day we held a memorial mass for my Dad. Y'all were so very supportive to me during those days, & I thank y'all so much. I think of my Dad all the time; hence, time stand still. What a beautiful song that is.! Once again THANKS & LOVE to Y'all.
  10. Hi Friends, I've been a Saints season ticket holder since 1999; and they've been some bad seasons. Even with the bad, irritating seasons, we've had some very, very good seasons; and yes, you gotta deal with fans of all behavior. I've been in section 130 in the endzone of the Superdome since the 2006 season, and have no plans of re-locating my seat. I'm the first seat of the last row at the top, so I can stand the whole game if I want; and sometimes have to stand to see 'cause many times, especially when the action's by us, Everybody in front of me is standing, going crazy. What happened yesterday, a woman bumped into another woman, and just kept going. I think security/ushers saw it, but didn't do anything; perhaps didn't catch her in time. Like I said, I did see, and just wanted to do something nice for another Saints fan. I especially would've done it for a Buc fan. With all that said, security/usher personnel know me; not so much by name, but by face. They know how I get; I don't misbehave or get rowdy...I don't drink. HOWEVER, I do say a few bad words. If it's a close game, kinda like Houston & Dallas, they know I get into a nervous-breakdown mode. It's all good.
  11. Hi Friends, some of Y'all may know I'm a New Orleans Saints season ticket holder. Yesterday during the Bucs game, I saw one fan come running up the steps in my section, bump into another fan and one of her drinks dumps all over; the 'guilty' kept going, didn't stop. I talked with the 'victim' and then gave her funds to replace. No, I can't do that for everybody; but definitely, if I cause a fan to lose their food and/or drink, I'm gonna replace it.! Would y'all do the same.!?
  12. Hey RUSHHEAD, you are so correct; for my eyes & ears there will never be another band to EVER come close to musical, as well as the humble/morale quality of Geddy, Alex & Neil.
  13. As we all know Neil's words from Open Secrets "...time will do its healing..."; it's working in my life. What a difference from just over a month ago. Be that as it may I've been praying, and it must be working. The friend I wrote about has her boyfriend back in her life; she's happy. With that, she & I have texted, talked, had dinner & hung out. I'm not gonna mess things up. I know for this to work, I'm gonna proceed with cautious optimism; not gonna cross the line. Actually, I've been feeling really good; just knowing I have her friendship; I know she cares about me as a friend; NOT HER LOVE INTEREST; I'm good with that. In less than 48 hours, I'll turn 50; I have the love & care of family & friends, my house, my truck, my job, my Catholic Faith & my favorite music of RUSH; which brings us together. Thanks for your time & take care.!
  14. Hi Friends ! Got some good news; we're talking again, and even visited for a little while last night. She has her boyfriend back in her life, and seems very happy. I'm not gonna do anything to mess things up; respect & give her space; knowing in confidence & assurance that we're friends. Thanks & take care.
  15. Been in a 'grace's phase; listening to the CD in the work truck, and in awe of just how TREMENDOUS Geddy. Alex & Neil were back in '84. By that time, they were for sure master craftsmen musicians; and this tour video is of top notch performance. If they could only locate and, of course, release the whole show. What was still to come...from 1984.!
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