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  1. Im doing ok...what about you?
  2. Playing another Rainbow record before going to sleep....Rising.
  3. I was really disappointed with the Signals box set. Did not even get it. The bonus stuff was just the worst... I rather they release more later live records on vinyl record, like they did with In Rio, Time Machine, Clockwork Angels Tour. Please give us Snakes & Arrows Live, R30, R40 Live and Different Stages on vinyl record. Would complete my Rush collection then.
  4. I am listening to the record Long Live Rock ´n' Roll by Rainbow. Really great record!
  5. Hello! It's been a long time! How are you??
  6. Listening to the whole Different Stages live record right now .
  7. Today I am enjoying Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits on vinyl record. I am not a hardcore fan, but I do like some of his songs, and I saw him live a few years ago and he was really good! https://www.discogs.com/release/2608577-Alice-Cooper-Alice-Coopers-Greatest-Hits
  8. It has finally arrived! My super deluxe box set of Rush - 40th Anniversary Moving Pictures. And I am starting right away by listen to the live record called Live In YYZ 1981 on vinyl record. I am so happy! https://www.discogs.com/release/22882460-Rush-Moving-Pictures
  9. Hot Space is NOT the worst record..I really enjoy it! I hate when people say it's a bad record. Yes they did change sound on this record, but is it bad? No!
  10. Hey... I just talked to you on the hoffman forum! Nice to see you are here as well!
  11. Wow! If you do it, it will be a cool experience for you, Zumbi! Try to remember everything and report back to us! :) Remember you'll be talking to the whole band, not just Alex. And hey, you can actually invite three other friends to join you on the call! I've always been your best friend, haven't I? :) I was not really being serious :P I would pay that price to met Alex face to face and talk to him for real..but only video chat? Noway!
  12. Ok, I will buy the zoom chat.. I use my savings money for it.. a chat with Alex freaking Lifeson.. I do it!
  13. This evening I am enjoying Rush - Different Stages Live on the Japanese CD pressing which has Force Ten as a bonus song. The first two CDs are live songs that is mostly recorded during the Test For Echo Tour 1997, with three songs recorded during the Counterparts Tour 1994, the songs is Bravado, Show Don't Tell and The Analog Kid. This is also the only (official) live record with the full suite of the 20 mins long song 2112. The third disc is recorded during the A Farewell To Kings Tour back in 1978. But it is not the full concert, the full concert was not released until 2017 with the A Farewell To Kings deluxe edition. The songs that is not included is Lakeside Park, Closer To The Heart, 2112 and drum solo. I really hope that they release this on vinyl record one day... https://www.discogs....ent-Stages-Live
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