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  1. Today I am enjoying Alice Cooper - Greatest Hits on vinyl record. I am not a hardcore fan, but I do like some of his songs, and I saw him live a few years ago and he was really good! https://www.discogs.com/release/2608577-Alice-Cooper-Alice-Coopers-Greatest-Hits
  2. It has finally arrived! My super deluxe box set of Rush - 40th Anniversary Moving Pictures. And I am starting right away by listen to the live record called Live In YYZ 1981 on vinyl record. I am so happy! https://www.discogs.com/release/22882460-Rush-Moving-Pictures
  3. Hot Space is NOT the worst record..I really enjoy it! I hate when people say it's a bad record. Yes they did change sound on this record, but is it bad? No!
  4. Hey... I just talked to you on the hoffman forum! Nice to see you are here as well!
  5. Wow! If you do it, it will be a cool experience for you, Zumbi! Try to remember everything and report back to us! :) Remember you'll be talking to the whole band, not just Alex. And hey, you can actually invite three other friends to join you on the call! I've always been your best friend, haven't I? :) I was not really being serious :P I would pay that price to met Alex face to face and talk to him for real..but only video chat? Noway!
  6. Ok, I will buy the zoom chat.. I use my savings money for it.. a chat with Alex freaking Lifeson.. I do it!
  7. This evening I am enjoying Rush - Different Stages Live on the Japanese CD pressing which has Force Ten as a bonus song. The first two CDs are live songs that is mostly recorded during the Test For Echo Tour 1997, with three songs recorded during the Counterparts Tour 1994, the songs is Bravado, Show Don't Tell and The Analog Kid. This is also the only (official) live record with the full suite of the 20 mins long song 2112. The third disc is recorded during the A Farewell To Kings Tour back in 1978. But it is not the full concert, the full concert was not released until 2017 with the A Farewell To Kings deluxe edition. The songs that is not included is Lakeside Park, Closer To The Heart, 2112 and drum solo. I really hope that they release this on vinyl record one day... https://www.discogs....ent-Stages-Live
  8. I am not sure. It is Lifeson, but I am not a fan of the style of the songs I have heard on youtube so far.
  9. This morning I am enjoying P!nk - All I Know So Far Setlist on vinyl record. This is her second live record, with most of it being recorded during her latest tour Beautiful Trauma Tour, with the exception of the Queen cover of Bohemian Rhapsody which was recorded during her Funhouse Tour back in 2009. https://www.discogs.com/release/20515411-PNK-All-I-Know-So-Far-Setlist
  10. This evening I am enjoying the 1989 Rush record called Presto on the 2015 reissue vinyl record. Been a while since I last listened to this, thought it was time! https://www.discogs.com/release/7634991-Rush-Presto
  11. This morning I am enjoying Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis double vinyl record which was part of the 2019 See You On The Other Side box set which had all studio records and all live records (except for Under Cover and Speak Of The Devil) on beautiful splatter vinyl. https://www.discogs.com/release/14466549-Ozzy-Osbourne-See-You-On-The-Other-Side
  12. This morning I am listening to P!nk - Funhouse Tour: Live In Australia on CD. I recently bought this, it is the concert on DVD, and then about half the concert on CD (I hate when artists do this, just give us everything...). https://www.discogs.com/release/7690435-PNK-Funhouse-Tour-Live-In-Australia
  13. Tonight I am enjoying the 1978 masterpiece record by Rush called Hemispheres, on the 2015 reissue vinyl record. Love this one! https://www.discogs.com/release/7025925-Rush-Hemispheres
  14. This evening I am listening to Rush - Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1978 which is a live recording included on the 40th Anniversary set of A Farewell To Kings. Most of this recording was released earlier on their Different Stages live record, but some songs is added on this one (such as 2112 and Neil's drum solo). I am listening to it on vinyl record. I just realized something while deciding which record to play...this is by far my favorite anniversary box set that Rush have released so far. 2112 anniversary was mostly just covers of Rush songs which I have no interest in, Hemispheres Anniversary was from the Pinkpop festival which did not include the full song Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres, and the song 2112 was taken from another show, and the Permanent Waves anniversary had the songs in wrong order, and not full concert, and silence between most of the songs. But A Farewell To Kings anniversary did just have the full concert and sounds great... I hope they do the same with the Moving Pictures anniversary and don't mess that up somehow! https://www.discogs.com/release/11255606-Rush-A-Farewell-To-Kings-40th-Anniversary-Limited-Edition-Super-Deluxe
  15. Thank you very much! That was very kind of you! It was not so much Lita Ford :P
  16. A band that I really really like seeing live is The Darkness. Seen them live 3 times, and they are crazy live (the singer mostly). I even got a drumstick from them, which is cool. But their studio records.....nah, kinda boring. Specially the later ones. I kind of enjoy the first two. I almost never listen to their studio records.
  17. Oh, another artists that my dad have learned me to like is Frank Zappa. At least some of his records.
  18. I have met Fish twice, he is a really nice guy. He signed one of my Marillion records. I think I have seen Fish live 3 or 4 times since I became a fan.
  19. Another band that he tried to make me like was Marillion (with Fish). I did not like them at all during my whole childhood, did not get it... but then a few years, I saw Fish live. And I enjoyed their music more. Also I was not really into prog rock before I found Rush, and that was back in 2010, so you can say I am kinda new to prog rock. Even tho I have heard it my whole life, I never really listened to prog rock on my own before Rush (in 2010).
  20. And what efforts of his were in vain that you didn’t like them? Well his number 1 favorite band is Genesis... I have never got into them. He have tried since I was 7 years to make me like them. In my opinion it sounds to outdated (even for the 70s). It's hard to explain... I do like Peter Gabriel solo tho.
  21. My dad showed me both Queen and Rush. Although my dad really only knew Moving Pictures, so I explored rest of their music on my own, after we saw the Time Machine Tour. I think my dad really think that the Moving Picture is their only good record (maybe 2112 as well) But he have showed me much music while me growing up. Some he failed making me like, others he succeeded.
  22. I have every studio record with these bands / artists (all on vinyl record, and lots of them I have multiple copies and pressings of): Rush Queen Brian May (his solo records) Led Zeppelin The Firm Ozzy Osbourne (I do have all Ozzy Black Sabbath and all Dio Black Sabbath, but not with any other singer that was in Black Sabbath, so do not count that) The Beatles The Runaways The Law (only made one record) 4 Non Blondes (only made one record) P!nk
  23. All right... I am home alone, my dog is at my parents, time to rock really loud! First vinyl record is Rush - Live In St. Catharines, April 1974. This is a bootleg record of a concert with the original drummer John Rutsey, they playing at a school with a really lame audience... this was released officially on DVD a few years ago, but never only audio. https://www.discogs.com/release/13770532-Rush-Live-In-St-Catharines-April-1974
  24. This friday morning I am enjoying Rush - Signals on the 2015 reissue vinyl record. Been a while since I last listened to Rush, needed a break, but now it was time! https://www.discogs.com/release/7576882-Rush-Signals
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