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  1. Thanks for this confirmation 👍🙂 Your memory is clearly better than mine ! 😎 Plus I agree with you re : the importance of DeGarmo
  2. Cool track 😎 There’s not a single song from Power Windows which I ever skip 👍🙂
  3. Thanks for these informative reviews 👍😎 It’s a shame that’s DC’s voice is now completely shot .. we have to remember he’s only human and is now 70 years old. To be honest , he’s voice was already on the decline when I saw Whitesnake live way back in ‘96, so that’s why I resisted the temptation to get a ticket for this show.
  4. It’s a very close call 🤔… but I’m going with what is currently the minority opinion on this one.
  5. I love all this studying of the maths behind the language of Music 👍😎 it’s a big reason I love our beloved
  6. I saw & heard ! 🙃LOL Queen with Adam Lambert on Sat 11th June in Birmingham UK. It was a fantastic show 👍⭐️ .. and am next seeing / listening to Guns ‘n’ Roses in London on Friday 1st July 😎
  7. Yep those Rollie & Perry vocal melodies and trading of lines ( along with Neal & Ross pitching in too ( no pun intended ! ) with spot on backing vocals almost à la Queen ( same producer Roy Thomas Baker ) on songs like Just the Same Way , Feeling that Way & Anytime , make Captured ( Live ) my joint Favourite album along with Escape. I like both the Rollie & Cain Eras 👍⭐️😎 it’s the 1st 3 albums I still to this day struggle to fully get into. I know some early era Journey Fans say Perry ‘ ruined ‘ Journey .. I disagree he saved them & took them to the next level. He made Neal into a better guitarist too , 🎸.. his solos still flashy with fast flurry of notes in places , but now far more Melodic and serving to the songs hence memorable and iconic.
  8. It was Pamela Moore I saw with Queensrŷche on their 1990 UK Empire tour. I can’t remember if they played Operation Mindcrime in its entirety but they certainly played at least most of it 😎 Pamela Moore is an American singer-songwriter, mixing hard rock, heavy metal, melodic rock and industrial musicwhile her earlier years delved into pop and electronica. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Pamela Moore Moore in 2013 QueensrÿcheEdit Moore has performed with Queensrÿche on several occasions, most notably on the song "Suite Sister Mary" on Queensrÿche's 1988 concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Following the album's commercial success, she started performing live with Queensrÿche, making her first public appearance with them on the 1990–1991 Empire tour, participating in the filming and recording of Operation: Livecrime, and later also on 2002's Live Evolution and 2006's Mindcrime at the Moore. In the studio, Moore revived her role as Sister Mary on the sequel album Operation: Mindcrime II, which was released in 2006.[1][2] Moore has also performed with the version of Queensrÿche fronted by Todd La Torre in 2012, and in 2013, she provided vocals on the song "A World Without" on their self-titled album Queensrÿche.[7] At that album's release party, she performed "Suite Sister Mary", "Eyes of a Stranger", and "Silent Lucidity" with them.[8]
  9. Yep I am lucky & old enough LOL to see them live in 1990 at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre in Birmingham , Central England and I can’t remember her name but they had a woman onstage with them who sang all the appropriate parts. I do remember that she played the part well and went down well with the crowd. I also remember George Lynch’s Lynch Mob were the support act and George’s amp kept cutting out and he was really 🤬about it with his roadie/guitar tech ! ( Edited for ‘ spell checker ‘ induced typos ! )
  10. 73, I feel you really need to check out ‘ Rage for Order ‘ .. when it first came out in ‘86 it really was an amazing quantum leap forward ⭐️
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