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    On the edge, where the winds of limbo roar
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    R40: Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan (June 12, 2015)
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    Prefer the 70s stuff
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    2112 through Signals
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    Too many to name, really. Just see my nightly posts in "Albums You've Listened To Today" in Music of the Spheres.
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    Guitar, back in the day

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  1. No. 4 -- Henda i været (2016) Female soft-pop trio. Norwegian language.
  2. I listened to this -- and watched the "Killadelphia" concert video -- countless times in the 2000s. I've since lost my taste for this kind of metal, but man, did this hit the spot tonight.
  3. The Runaway Wild -- The Runaway Wild (2023) A solo project from a dude in New Jersey. Kinda synthpop, kinda AOR, it has a rich 80s sound to it. Check it out!
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