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    R40: Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan (June 12, 2015)
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    Prefer the 70s stuff
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    2112 through Signals
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    Too many to name, really. Just see my nightly posts in "Albums You've Listened To Today" in Music of the Spheres.
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  1. You like Nightwish? Since when? I'm not completely sold on them, to be honest. One day about 4 or 5 years ago I spent a little time exploring some random songs. I got hooked on Storytime pretty quickly but little else. It's difficult for me to stomach kind of the "disneyfied" aspect of their music. Then a former TRFer, whose username I've long forgotten, begged me to watch the Wacken show with Floor Jansen. Wow! What a spectacular concert vid. I put it on frequently, even though I don't care much for any of their studio albums (aside from occasional tracks). My 7-year-old grandson happened to come over one day while I had it playing on the big screen. Instantly hooked, and now he's a fan!
  2. Oops! Everything I posted on the previous page was meant for the "What are you listening to?" thread!
  3. I enjoyed GVF's first two EPs, but then something about the vocal quality drastically changed. It renders the "Anthem" album unlistenable!
  4. Just learned this morning that my mom's house near Paradise, California, still stands. Her neighborhood was untouched by the fires. She will probably move out to Ohio with us. Sure, her house may have survived, but the city didn't. No point living in an apocalyptic wasteland way up in the mountains, at age 80, alone.
  5. I see I committed a most unfortunate typo. The #2 slot should read PeW, not PW!
  6. Today, anyway: 1. AFTK 2. PW 3. MP 4. Hemi 5. 2112
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