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    Stock market trading, cars (collectible) health, guitar playing, leatherworking, winter sports, Rottweilers, and shoes.

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    Vapor Trails tour show- I was at the Marysville, California show back in the early 2000s. Had a great time, met nice people.
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    The Eagles, Metallica, Jeff Buckley, Replacements
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  1. Our feeders turn into a wildlife jamboree. Well, I do live in a really rural area so that makes sense.
  2. I filled my bird feeders and spotted a small sparrow right away in the tree near our bathroom window. It was nice to be reminded of bird appreciation.
  3. I don't want to derail this conversation about David with tangential info but- he himself mentioned some of his work was just the tip of the counterculture iceberg. Nicely enough with his passing there will be a revival of his works and related music from the era he helped define.
  4. Ehhh sadly very wealthy functional addicts can live a long long time. It is what it is. David Crosby was a G-damned hilarious person, in addition to being a music legend. We should all rejoice in knowing his talents.
  5. The original movie did so well at the Box Office, so I don't see why not........
  6. Gwyneth Paltrow speaking ecstatically about using cocaine. IMO a small percentage of people can "do coke" and not get addicted. For the rest, it's the beginning of a long slide into learning about crack, and then spending all their money on drugs. Etc etc. Gwyn has said some remarkable silly things in the past but this one is a doozy. LOL
  7. The fact that my co-worker is going to let her boyfriend baby trap her. 20 years from now her kids are going to be working dead end jobs and supporting their elderly parents b/c mom and dad didn't dig birth control. Ahhhhhhh breeder culture.
  8. FWIW he did a great job on these two albums and his obit was very interesting. A life well lived for sure. Rest In Peace man.
  9. Water, since I had Costco's store brand Irish Cream in my coffee earlier. Such is the exciting tippling of a pre-diabetic. lolll
  10. I'll be spreading the Gospel of Neil, like I usually am. lulz.
  11. Just had a cookie. Nom nom nomnom nomnom
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