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    Stock market trading, cars (collectible) US politics, guitar playing, health, leatherworking, winter sports, Rottweilers, and shoes.

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    Snakes And Arrows
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    The Trees
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    Vapor Trails tour show- I was at the Sacramento, California show back in the early 2000s. Had a great time, met nice people.
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    The Eagles, Metallica, Jeff Buckley, Replacements
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  1. IMO Twitter has turned into a bit of a mess, digitally speaking. Church signs can be both fascinating and appalling, depending on who is posting up the messages.
  2. I made a traditional Fall bonfire today. It was nice.
  3. I needed this today, thank you.
  4. He was supernaturally talented. BTW Bonham was a powerful drummer but not as brilliant as Peart. Just saying.
  5. I'll add to this later- people usually hit their peaks in mid-life. Most people are not fortunate enough to have enough resources to be their all time best in youth. Also immaturity prevents a lot of great things.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  7. How interesting. Years ago I met a guy who supported himself by being a pro gambler in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's harder than one may think that sort of lifestyle is........
  8. I got pissy over something dumb so I bought myself ice cream to feel better. It worked.
  9. Awwww. Rest In Peace bro!!!!!!
  10. A sloppy joe with onion seed bun and beans
  11. She was a remarkable talent and a remarkable human being. Rest in Peace.
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