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  1. A friend of mine cracked a joke about his devoted purebred dog and now I cannot stop laughing. (I won't post the joke, it's too cruel. I will say picking the right breed is essential if you need a dog for home protection. Even if the dog looks silly chewing a burglar to death.)
  2. I can say this with love, Stern is bandwagoning the popularity of the book. Stern is still irritated he was censored on Sirius. Like BastillePark said, same tribe, so it's all good.
  3. Long overdue good news made my day. Karma is real, people.
  4. F***!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a righteous legend.
  5. Chorizo..........................con mas ganas!!!!
  6. Eating disorders are common enough in men. The band was remarkably even keeled for the wack things Fate threw their way on the path to being rock legends.
  7. Same sex couples have been raising families forever. Enjoying my new ride made my day today.
  8. Some sad news from back home made me irritated at how unfair life can be. Show appreciation to the decent teachers in your local schools. They don't get paid enough for what they put up with...........
  9. Check Ebay. A lot of older Rush fans who are downsizing are putting the books on there, or selling to bookstores.
  10. It was a simple riddles day. During an appointment I got some good reminders of back home. Later something kind of strange happened & I realized I didn't need to worry so much about things. Today my schedule is making me laugh. Another 15 hour day F me lol....
  11. Yesterday was so eerie I am laughing about it now. I was too busy to dwell on it yesterday.
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