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    Transportation industry, cars (collectible) US politics, guitar playing, health, leatherworking, winter sports, Rottweilers, and shoes.

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    Snakes And Arrows
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    The Trees
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    Vapor Trails tour show- I was at the Sacramento, California show back in the early 2000s. Had a great time, met nice people.
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    The Eagles, Metallica, Jeff Buckley, Replacements
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  1. It's a fine album. I spin it on days when I need a soundtrack to whatever I'm doing.....
  2. Hey guys, what's going on?

  3. This brought a tear to my eye. Primus is hilarious in a good way.
  4. Wonderful interview. The guys were very entertaining, as usual.
  5. It's very chill. Ambient.
  6. An ironic "blast from the past" made me literally laugh out loud today.
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Facepalming at the war in Ukraine. gah..............
  9. Objectively it's Clockwork Angels. IIRC the whole band agreed that it was going to be the last studio album and they wanted to go out on a high note creatively. My personal favorite is Vapor Trails but that is neither here nor there.
  10. Whoah, she passed away. RIP..............................
  11. This is a good question. My guess is at that point in time they had accepted the truth of life that in business (even the music business) advertising promotion is a HUGE part of getting people to buy albums & take notice of a product. This is very evident in our current Internet age where a whole lot of mainstream Internet is commercial in nature. & Also in general shy people hate being photographed. & All three members of the band could have be characterized as shy.
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