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  1. As others have said, as a combo singer-bass player-keyboard-foot pedals-moving mic with his nose-basting chickens on tour he's 2nd to none. As a singer/bass player he's up there in a top 5 with the likes of Jack Bruce, Sting and Phil Lynott. Singing experts correct me if I'm wrong but I think Geddy had a slight advantage over others in starting off with having a high voice with respect to longevity. He might have had trouble hitting the high notes as his voice presumably got deeper, as it tends to for most of us, but I think mid-career on wards his voice got a bit mellower (for want of a better word) and deeper to a mid range and therefore more appealing to the masses who weren't a fan of the high, Robert Plant-in-overdrive initial experience.
  2. Both and My wife and I were going to watch the Zack Snyder cut as our Saturday night viewing but she baulked when she realised it was nearly 4 hours long. We watched the original cut but before and after I have been trying to watch the Zack S version to see if and how it improves things.
  3. Porcupine Tree and Sons of Apollo Prog heavy and heavy prog!
  4. I think we're reading this topic as guilty pleasures! (See Status Quo under that banner too).
  5. Mon dieux - yes totally. Love prog too but I've only scratched the surface of it and there are loads of good bands under the radar in that genre.
  6. Sliding into another different style there's always Santana:- https://youtu.be/JAsfAuvFvh8 I actually find Samba Pa Ti a bit boring and love it when he and band speed up a bit but it's more of a band vibe then with them all pitching in here and there and his solos being interspersed throughout:-
  7. Not necessarily my fave but nice to have something a bit different posted here. Have heard plaudits for Marc Ribot before so much check him out a bit more. I presume he's on more than just Tom Waits' pieces.
  8. Holdsworth at his most rocking! Wanted to post because Eddie Van Halen got this album arranged for him as he was a big fan of him and was hoping to produce it but couldn't make it in the end.
  9. I'd have to check but I think they were mentioned several times over the last few years in one of the UK's rock magazines. Maybe Classic Rock. A track of theirs might have been on one of the free compilation CDs these mags sometimes have. I've got a few and see if I can track it down (although Spoti-thingy might be easier).
  10. Is this generally or just in their online interactions? I don't really need to know per se but rather I just wondered if many people act/react differently online as opposed to in real life.
  11. So some of you do have a few recommendations and hidden treasures to share! Very cool (to me)! I and hopefully others will check them out. I think Pendragon is the only band I've heard of so far outside of my selections. But as IbanezJem jokingly hinted at, revealing these bands to the larger world of the Rush or any forum does conflict with the idea of them being untainted and not over exposed. Maybe we should delete this topic immediately and wipe our minds....
  12. Err they sound awful Especially stuff about waves - sounds like an album about hairdressing!
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