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  1. Regarding Gavin Harrison and a slight side note, apparently Neil P and he got together sometime for a meal and friendly chat - not sure how it came about or whether they'd just met via drumming circles - but there was some discussion about a 'drum battle'/concert that Gavin and Neil were invited to in order to 'compete' against each other. It was mentioned by Gavin in a 'tube discussion forum about prog music that Gavin was on. He said that Neil had politely declined taking part in it feeling that he would be 'too anxious' to do something like that. Maybe he was scared of Gavin's chops! NB:- I've no idea how to rank and compare drummers. I'm getting to know the names of drummers who have good reputations like Neil and Gavin but wouldn't know how you compare them.
  2. Thanks for this info. I'm seriously considering going to the London one now.
  3. And Ben Harper - lost track of his output after Diamonds on the Inside and desperately trying to catch up with it.
  4. Opeth - still catching up with their recent 'prog' phase but I still can't fault Mikael's band's output. The Blue Aeroplanes - an 80s UK alternative/indie/rock-ish band with crazy Polish dancer at their gigs (see Motorhead without the big breasts and nudity!). Singer mostly talks his lyrics in a poetry style. Kind of a UK non-rap spoken style. Or something. The Tea Party - Canadian power trio. Reformed in the last few years after a hiatus. Powerful modern metal Led Zep-ish style with Middle Eastern influxes up to the max on some songs. Kerrang magazine reviewed their 'The Edges of Twilight' '95 album as '..the equivalent of a good hard shag!...' and who am I to disagree!
  5. Afterimage Then you learn the lesson That it's tough to be so cool
  6. The Shape of Water - good but didn't love it. Certainly well acted and looked good (but gloomy). The Void (2016 Canadian Horror film - Bit silly Lovecraftian-type film and I love Lovecraft but not necessarily this film!) The Batman (2022) - liked it but not sure if it's better or worse than Nolan/Bale-era. Bit more realistic and down to earth I guess whereas Nolan/Bale ended up being a gritty/realistic version of the typical camp mythos.
  7. Fun listen. Geddy got a lot of plaudits over the years for his bass playing but Billy Sheehan must be up there as one of the best rock bassists too.
  8. Entre nous You can drive those wheels to the end of the road You will still find the past right behind you
  9. I'll raise Treeduck with this:- https://youtu.be/0jgrCKhxE1s On a more sensible note, Red Barchetta's is a nice arpeggio pattern in the main verse with a few different techniques going on elsewhere without being too onerous - harmonics, barre chords, solo (if you want). Others I've played a bit that are fun and within an intermediate level - Passage to Bangkok, Driven, Something for Nothing. A few other random ones:- Van Halen's Ain't talkin bout love (an easy-ish and impressive VH one i.e. no tapping and limited harmonics) Manic Street Preachers - A design for life Ben Harper - Please Bleed (or many of his acoustic based songs) Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son (atypical for Maiden) King's X - Summerland And bonus points if you can get up to speed on Motorhead's Iron fist!! The notes aren't had to get but to get up to the right speed is proving tricky for me. Or any other Maiden song with the typical (Steve Harris?) chug - see The Trooper, Powerslave etc. I just can't get the speed going...
  10. Thanks for the that. I love T&L - Lizzy at the heaviest I'm guessing especially Cold Sweat. I actually have Chinatown on LP somewhere but being in that format, it won't get played for a long time. Started listening to Johnny the Fox on some streaming service a while back and was enjoying it - must resume....
  11. I'm just trying to say that, for me, the quality of the songs is not much different from the other albums. I'm just trying not to be swayed by the fact that it was the most successful album (I believe). There very different albums, music-wise, for me actually which is another reason I'm finding it hard to pick. And typically a deeper cut (Your Latest Trick) is one of my faves from BIAs over, say, Money for Nothing which is fun, was successful but not really my favourite from that album. Love the title track though. I mean all these albums have great stuff - Down by the Waterline, In the Gallery, Telegraph Road, Romeo and Juliet, Private investigations, Solid Rock, Tunnel of Love. Dire Knopfl.. I mean Dire Straits just had a good run up to and including BIA for my money (for nothing). Including Communique. Was never that impressed by On Every Street. Must give it another listen some time.
  12. Another band where I only know the 'live'/best of tracks and maybe the odd other album (Thunder in Lightning in particular). How does one keep up with all these bands' output???
  13. Hmmm tricky - personally I don't think there's much between these. Certainly Brothers in Arms isn't the 'best' just because it had a couple of hits.
  14. Gawd - listen to everything up to Empire constantly. Have up to Mindcrime 2 but don't listen to post-Empire that much. And haven't a clue after that. Voting will have to wait until I can be objective about everything.
  15. Thin Lizzy - Emerald Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son Screaming Trees - Dying Days AC/DC - Back in Black Funkadelic - Hit it or Quit it Masters of Reality - Third man on the moon Ben Harper - Glory and consequence Morcheeba - The Sea
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